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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Viktor, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Viktor

    Viktor Guest

    Hi all,
    I live in London UK and need the following equipment :
    -Canon eos 20D
    -Canon 24-70L f2.8 lens

    I have $2500 in cash, so if any of you American tourists would be kind
    enough to bring it over when you visit our foggy cold capital city, I'd
    appreciate if
    very much. The prices over here are damned extortionate, and there is no
    way I'm buying
    it here.

    I'll even pick you up at the airport and drive you anywhere for free :)
    I'll show you the best pubs too ;8)
    Viktor, Dec 10, 2004
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  2. Viktor

    Mark² Guest

    Throw in air-fare, and I'll see you next week!

    -You'd still come out ahead, and I'm not kidding...
    Mark², Dec 10, 2004
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  3. Viktor

    Viktor Guest

    at least someone replied, which is more than I expected :)
    Viktor, Dec 10, 2004
  4. Viktor

    PeterL Guest

    Try also rec.travel.usa-canada. Or the British expat forum.
    PeterL, Dec 10, 2004
  5. Viktor

    Mark² Guest

    If I were traveling to London, I actually would have been more than happy to
    do that for you. From what I read of the horrid pricing where you live, it
    might indeed still be cheaper to pay someone's air-fare. Really!
    Mark², Dec 10, 2004
  6. Viktor

    Viktor Guest

    What's the best city to get a good cah deal in the states?
    How much would the return flight be?
    Would you believe that the canon eos 20d body only is ... wait for it...

    $2090 = (_x_)
    Viktor, Dec 10, 2004
  7. So...go to a pub outside any American military base and make some friends.
    They buy cameras on base for far less than we can over here.
    Gene Palmiter, Dec 10, 2004
  8. Perhaps what you gain in cash you lose in integrity?

    Aerticulean Effort, Dec 10, 2004
  9. Viktor

    PeterL Guest

    Huh? Is he trying to cheat someone? Is he breaking a law? A large part of
    the tourism industry is based on people traveling to another country to buy
    lower priced items, as hordes of European tourists in NY City can testify to
    the mighty Euro's buying power.

    Are you saying these people have no integrity because they dare to fly over
    to buy cheap goods?
    PeterL, Dec 11, 2004
  10. Viktor

    PeterL Guest

    Another point, someone carrying a brand new camera with all attachments and
    instructional manual will probably have to pay custom.
    How about Barcelona?
    PeterL, Dec 11, 2004
  11. Why not see if www.bhphotovideo.com can ship it to you? You'd have to pay
    import duty, but you'd be starting out at a price that is very low even by
    American standards. They are reliable and do a lot of overseas selling.
    Michael A. Covington, Dec 11, 2004
  12. Viktor

    Mark² Guest

    I don't think that is at issue here.
    When you buy an imported (non-USA) lens here, it's basically the same thing.
    Mark², Dec 11, 2004
  13. Viktor

    RustY© Guest

    I travel to Barcelona by car for about £300 return which includes ferry and
    a couple of nights in motels. He's still on a winner !
    RustY©, Dec 11, 2004
  14. Every penny that I don't give to the Bushies is a penny that won't go to
    robbing, stealing, rape, and murder. My integrity can take it! Since his
    government toadies to the Bushies...same for him.
    Gene Palmiter, Dec 11, 2004
  15. Viktor

    Clyde Torres Guest

    Viktor, this is pretty cool. If I had a need to go to London tomorrow, I'd
    be on that airplane with a 20D and the 24-70L f2.8 lens. The only problem
    is that the camera costs $1500 and the lens costs $1,200, excluding
    shipping. That's a pretty cool but expensive lens you are buying!

    Clyde Torres
    Clyde Torres, Dec 11, 2004
  16. Viktor

    Mike Henley Guest

    There should be no issue of integrity here. Paying taxes is one thing,
    but the UK (and Sweden?) has laws that give corporations too much power
    to set the price of an item throughout the country; that's why things
    in the UK would cost twice as much as they are elsewhere, and why it's
    called "rip-off Britain".
    There's no integrity gained in being ripped off.
    Mike Henley, Dec 11, 2004
  17. Viktor

    R. Makul Guest

    A long time ago, around 25 years, I met, on vacation, a professional
    photographer from Toronto and his wife (they were limey transplants).

    Anyway, after a couple of days when he got to know me better, he
    proposed that I buy some gear that he was looking for in New York,
    have it shipped to me in another state (to avoid sales tax), and that
    I unpackage it all and put it in the camera bag he purchased, then
    bring it across the border to him for a whopping savings of about 50%
    from the Canadian price, even factoring in exchange rates. (We are
    talking about roughly $5000 US of gear, in 1978 dollars.) He prepaid,
    and the receipts were made out to me, which I retained for the trip to

    I agreed to do this, and drove with the gear, no boxes receipts or
    instruction manuals (manuals were previously mailed to him) across the
    US Canada border at Niagara Falls. There is lots of border crossings
    there to look at the waterfalls. At the Canada customs side (had my
    wife with me) they asked the purpose of our visit, did we have
    anything, etc., and all I said was that we had our clothing and a
    camera to take pictures. We were waved through without any
    inspections whatsoever.

    My professional photographer friend was thrilled to get this gear and
    put us up and entertained us for the entire weekend.

    Now, post 9-11, I don't think this would be quite so trouble free.
    R. Makul, Dec 11, 2004
  18. Viktor

    eawckyegcy Guest

    R. Makul wrote:

    God, you smugglers have no conscience at all! ;-)
    As long as your name isn't "Abdul" or "Mohammed", your wife isn't
    wearing a chador, and the kid in the back seat isn't yelling "Allah u
    akbar!", the same general scheme will probably work as well as it did
    25 years ago.

    Actually, even if you had the latest Al Qaeda blurb on the dashboard,
    you'd probably just get the usual Anal Probe and released with goodies
    in hand anyways.
    Border control, like airport security, is mainly there for theatre.
    eawckyegcy, Dec 11, 2004
  19. Viktor

    andrew29 Guest

    The prices aren't that different: £900 for the camera and £800 for the
    lens, plus tax. I reckon that's about 20% or so higher than the US,
    more or less due to the depressed rate of the dollar ATM.

    To be honest, I've considered doing this and I'd rather have the UK

    andrew29, Dec 11, 2004
  20. Viktor

    Angela Guest

    I've just booked a flight to go and see friends in New York in January -
    Virgin are having a sale so it only cost £108 including all taxes - hop over
    ther yourself!!
    Angela, Dec 11, 2004
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