A Camera for the upcoming man

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by William Brown, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. William Brown

    Enkidu Guest

    Enkidu, Oct 10, 2010
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  2. William Brown

    Me Guest

    That's a girl's camera - ostrich skin and all.
    The Austin Power M9 is the M9 Titanium, but it costs twice as much as
    that one.
    You could get a real camera, like a Hasselblad H3D 31, with lens for
    much less, but oops it's about image, not the image, anyway, who'd want
    to look like a pro when you could look like an oil sheik instead...
    Me, Oct 10, 2010
  3. William Brown

    Enkidu Guest

    ME! I want to look like an oil sheik, and in any case, you are wrong,
    that not a girl's camera.


    Enkidu, Oct 10, 2010
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