___ad vise abowt reer end

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by gangle7, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. gangle7

    gangle7 Guest

    wenever i take the cork owt
    of my reer end noizez and
    smels and uther stuf comes owt
    wut shood i do emale ansurs
    only thank in advanse
    gangle7, Dec 13, 2004
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  2. gangle7

    Scrote Guest

    euw shud putt yor hed bak
    thair iz a shortaige of cork
    greanpeece will luv yeuw
    Scrote, Dec 13, 2004
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  3. gangle7

    °Mike° Guest

    Leave the cork out; let them "comes owt".
    When they've all been dispelled you'll be
    a new person...thing...whatever.
    °Mike°, Dec 13, 2004
  4. Which begs the question: into what superclassification (if any) do glurds
    Gary G. Taylor, Dec 14, 2004
  5. gangle7

    °Mike° Guest

    My guess is Lusus Naturae Troglodytes, or something along
    those lines.
    °Mike°, Dec 14, 2004

  6. Put the cork back in for now. Call gangle and ask him if you can
    borrow his tractor, the red one or the blue one, it makes no
    difference. If he says no, then ask him if he will at least drive the
    tractor while you take care of business on the back end. He loves to
    take his tractors out at midnight, in a full moon, so check the
    calendar and only ask him when the time is right. The cork must remain
    in place till then. It's okay to explode while waiting... a little
    messy but okay.
    Even if he doesn't agree to help you, you can be sure he will be out
    there driving on his tractor at midnight during the next full moon. So
    hide behind some bushes and when he comes by, pull out the cork and
    jump on the back, aiming your loaded rectum down to the ground. One
    man's waste is another man's fertilizer. You may need to swing your
    butt from side to side for better coverage, it all depends on the
    volume of the flow. This will be your call.
    Now even if gangle notices you there and gets upset, he is penisless
    and I'm ass-u-me-ing also lacking balls, so what will he do? <PJ is
    snickering because she really has no idea of what he might do, but he
    is the judge and jury of the glurd laws... the possibilities are
    Once you feel you have emptied your cargo, simply jump off, go home
    and shower... please shower. Then you must face the pending charges.
    You have broken the law, gangle7, you must redeem yourself, for my
    sake, I mean your sake.
    For future reference, corks should not be used, the pressure build up
    could hurt someone besides you. You must only use methods that have
    the potential to harm you. This is a law under section 32, penisless
    glurd code 486.008.38... it's clearly written so that even you should
    have been able to understand it. "At no time shall anal blockage be
    allowed to create the potential for harm to any glurds or persons,
    living or dead, other than one's self, nor to property, rented or
    owned, nor should it be used in any way that violates the use of air,
    land or water." You have, in your ignorance, violated this law. The
    gangle shall have to determine your punishment. An anal probe,
    perhaps? I'm hoping for worse, but, dare I dream?
    PJ----Who wishes she could be the glurd judge and jury for just one
    day... the day that gangle7 was executed, she means prosecuted...
    Happy New Year, everyone.
    The Black Laced One, Dec 31, 2004
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