831 Routers, VPN to 3030 Concentrator and authenticate with ACS ?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by RasnCain, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. RasnCain

    RasnCain Guest

    OK.. I am about to roll out 30+ 831 routers to home users, setting them
    up to VPN into our 3030 concentrator. Initially I thought I would have
    to set them up manually, and know the IP address of the home user given
    to them by their ISP.

    Now I am wondering if I can't just configure the 831's in such a way
    that it does not matter if the end user has a static or dynamic IP
    address from their ISP. Instead I could maybe set the 831's up
    similiar to a VPN software client, where the 831 has a username and
    password that they can use to authenticate with the 3030 concentrator
    and ACS ?

    Does that make any sense? I have only done router to pix VPN tunnels
    before and I needed to know the static IP of the router to configure
    the pix so they would create a VPN session with each other.

    Not sure if this is do-able, not sure if the 831 has something built in
    to the IOS to allow for a setup like this. I will keep digging but
    thought I would post here to see what others have to say.
    RasnCain, Feb 28, 2005
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