80% of SPAM is now from Windows Zombie PCs....

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by steve, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. steve

    whoisthis Guest

    Dont know, but the ones we use at work can and do supply with linux
    whoisthis, Jun 18, 2004
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  2. Not very many, but probably in proportion to the Linux market.
    Patrick Dunford, Jun 18, 2004
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  3. By definition, if a monopoly exists then there is NO alternative.

    There is no monopoly, there is market dominance, not the same thing.
    Patrick Dunford, Jun 18, 2004
  4. I think you are sidestepping. Aside from exclusive licensing (quite legal
    in NZ and elsewhere) there has never been anything to stop someone
    setting themselves up to sell Linux desktop systems.
    It's reality.

    Fact is, monopoly means there is no competition at all. Whereas, in this
    market, there has always been competition from Apple and later on there
    was Linux. Market dominance does not mean monopoly.
    No, market dominance is not a monopoly.

    Mono means one. A monopoly actually exists when there are no competing
    suppliers. Since Apple and other suppliers have always existed in the
    marketplace there has never been a monopoly.
    The Mac competes in exactly the same marketplace as the PC. The hardware
    platform is essentially irrelevant.
    Exclusive licensing is not illegal in NZ and elsewhere. There was nothing
    that prevented someone not signed to MS licensing from selling complete
    Linux computers.
    Sob, sob
    That's competition, but you can only buy them from retailers that are not
    signed to F&P licensing deals. Perfectly legal in NZ.
    Patrick Dunford, Jun 18, 2004
  5. steve

    theseus Guest

    DSE manners mall and vivian st have transmeta laptops running linux on
    theseus, Jun 19, 2004
  6. steve

    Malcolm Guest

    A work colleague has two Laptops running Linux (Mandrake 10 or
    something like that), although the installation disks install it as
    dual boot (Linux or Doze). I have been playing around with Knoppix
    3.3B on my Laptop (but it won't pick up the PCMCIA Flash Card Memory
    so only have the floppy to save to at the moment, has anyone had any
    luck in this area?) but at this stage are not game to install Mandrake
    on the HDD. The reason I have not installed Linux on my Laptop is the
    number of people (and stories) that have found that many Linux
    installations have trouble controlling the Laptop's cpu fan and as a
    result overheating can be a problem causing unexpected shutdown's. My
    work colleague had to write his own temperature monitoring and fan
    control routine (script?) on his older Laptop, are not sure if he had
    to do the same for his new Laptop.


    Remove the "dot's" to reply
    Malcolm, Jun 19, 2004
  7. Divine wrote
    go to a lug... someone is bound to have one :)
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Jun 19, 2004
  8. Divine wrote
    which version of macOS works on intel hardware?

    do you mean project startrek?
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Jun 19, 2004
  9. steve

    Divine Guest

    I'm not suggesting that they don't exist - merely that I have not yet set
    my eyes on one in the workplace.

    However, there IS that old laptop sitting on the back desk at reception...

    Divine, Jun 19, 2004
  10. steve

    Divine Guest


    I think I may just pop along to have a squizz

    Divine, Jun 19, 2004
  11. steve

    whoisthis Guest

    No, I think they are confused and mean Darwin, which is only part of OSX.
    whoisthis, Jun 19, 2004
  12. steve

    Divine Guest

    I'm not exactly sure - I only remember reading somewhere that Apple is
    changing the hardware platform for the Macintosh - towards intel based

    Divine, Jun 19, 2004
  13. steve

    whoisthis Guest

    OH that...well that rumour has as much credance as any of the FUD put
    out by microsoft. Funny thing though, XBox 2 is based on the IBM PPC
    chip and microsoft are supplying game developers with Apple G5 based
    machines with an emulator on them.
    whoisthis, Jun 19, 2004
  14. steve

    Divine Guest

    That may be so.

    However, the Mac hardware platform is increasingly moving closer to the PC
    hardware platform.

    Think about PCI and AGP buses and cards...

    Divine, Jun 19, 2004
  15. steve

    theseus Guest

    theseus, Jun 19, 2004
  16. steve

    Divine Guest

    Divine, Jun 19, 2004
  17. That's out of date. I think the various versions of Intel MMX/SSE have
    caught up with and even surpassed Altivec/Velocity Engine. For instance,
    PowerPC doesn't do vector operations on double-precision floating-point
    quantities, whereas Intel does.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 19, 2004
  18. You think that's a coincidence?
    Lawrence D¹Oliveiro, Jun 19, 2004
  19. steve

    whoisthis Guest

    and ?
    That is only common sense to use standard buss types, it keeps costs
    down and allows small 3rd party players to enter the market as they do
    not have to design for propriety busses. Apple has use common buss
    standards for a very long time, NU-Buss was a defined standard and they
    used that before PCI.

    The PC hardware platform is increasingly moving towards the Mac platform
    No Floppy disk
    No serial ports
    No parallel ports
    USB (I say that because although PCs had it it was hardly standard on
    them and the OSX certainly did not support it properly)
    whoisthis, Jun 19, 2004
  20. Nevertheless, Apple has done just as good a job of driving developers
    from the Mac market with its monopolistic practices as Microsoft has
    from the Windows market.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 19, 2004
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