8×8 Partners with The Yager Network to Offer VoIP Phone Services

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Knowing About, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. 8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT) , provider of Packet8 residential, business
    and video Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services, announced
    today that it has signed an agreement with InterNET Services
    Corporation (ISC), the marketing, training and support arm of the Yager
    Network, calling for the promotion and distribution of Packet8 VoIP
    phone services through its network of Independent Business Owners

    The Yager Network of IBOs are a part of Quixtar, Inc., pioneer of the
    successful I-commerce business model which helps IBOs achieve success
    through a combination of web-based marketing, the company's
    Independent Business Ownership Plan and the full-service infrastructure
    of Quixtar. Since 1999, IBOs powered by Quixtar have generated over
    $5.3 billion in sales at http://www.quixtar.com/ plus more than $396
    million for Partner Stores, earning more than $1.72 billion in bonuses
    and other incentives. Their efforts have propelled Quixtar to be named
    the number one online retailer in the Health & Beauty category based on
    sales, and 20th among all e-commerce sites, according to Internet
    Retailer's "Top 500 Guide."

    Utilizing proven relationship marketing techniques, Yager IBOs will
    market and distribute Packet8 voice and video Internet phone services
    to a base of thousands of IBOs and their customers worldwide.

    "Our industry is Hi-Touch-oriented and this VoIP Phone Service will
    allow us to combine Hi-Tech with Hi Touch in our presentation and
    training as well as provide cost savings over traditional phone
    service," said Steven Yager, ISC's Senior Vice President of Global

    The Packet8 VoIP solution allows Internet users to enhance the
    functionality of their high speed connection with a telephone service
    that is affordable, as easy to use as a regular telephone, and bundled
    with many advanced features (e.g., voice mail, caller ID, call waiting,
    call waiting caller ID, call forwarding, hold, line-alternate, 3-way
    conferencing, web access to account controls, etc.) not included with
    traditional circuit- switched telephone services. The standalone
    Packet8 VideoPhone is the industry's first exceptional quality,
    consumer priced videophone that uses a standard broadband internet
    connection to transmit high quality audio and crisp instant-on video

    "The network marketing channel has proven to be very successful for
    8×8 as the personal relationships already in place create an effective
    environment for educating consumers about the features and benefits of
    Packet8 Internet phone services," said Huw Rees, 8×8 Vice President
    of Marketing & Sales. "We are very pleased to be partnering with the
    Yager Network of Independent Business Owners and look forward to
    helping them achieve success with the Packet8 line of products and
    For Further : www.knowingabout.com/voip
    Knowing About, Aug 29, 2006
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