70-540 Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 - Application Development Info

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by scblason, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. scblason

    scblason Guest

    Hello everybody,
    i was planning to take the 70-540 certification exam and i was looking
    arround for some info on study guides and practice tests.

    I try the sites that Microsoft recommended for practice tests :
    Self Test Software

    but they don't have any info on the 70-540 exam.

    Could anybody provide any resource for practice and preparation for this

    Thanx in advance.
    scblason, Oct 2, 2008
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  2. Hi, scblason

    I took this exam when it was just a beta. I passed it and it made me the
    grade of MCTS - Windows Mobile 5.0 Application Development.

    I used the "Windows Mobile 5.0 Developer Resource Kit" and researched a lot
    in the MSDN site about the content listed on the Prep Guide for that exam.
    It contains great labs and presentations. But you must focus on the content
    listed on the Prep Guide (if not, the time might not be enough :p).

    It was really really really (yeah 3-times) helpful that I made before some
    mentoring about exam 70-536 with some study groups in my institute and at
    work, 'cause a lot of the exam was centered on the .NET Compact Framework
    2.0, which is the specific version of the .NET Framework 2.0 for mobile
    devices. Of course you have to be aware of the limitations of .NET CF. But
    let me tell you again: YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD BACKGROUND IN .NET (at level of
    70-536 as a minimum), 'cause it's just as if you were taking a 2-exams-in-1
    (as the number of questions will let you know - 82 when I took the exam).

    Good luck out there. I hope it'll help you.

    By the way, please let me know () if something I
    described here has changed when you take that exam. I'll appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance. Bye.
    Ricardo D. Masabel Avendaño, Oct 7, 2008
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  3. scblason

    scblason Guest

    Ricardo, thank you so much for you replay. I would take into consideration
    every advice that you gave me. And i would let you know about the exam once I
    take it.

    Thank you very much for your time.
    scblason, Oct 7, 2008
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