70-536 questions and time limit for exam? type of questions?

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by gravz84, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. gravz84

    gravz84 Guest

    Is it right that there are

    1) exactly 45 questions in the examination?
    2) 2hours and 45 minutes for the exam. I read in lots of places that
    its 90 minutes but when I asked the prometric centre they said 2h45
    minutes, with 30 minutes for reading instructions?? confused..
    3) Some of the questions will not be marked. But you won't know which
    ones. They are to test future testing techniques for Microsoft.
    4) Type of questions:
    a) Are all questions objective?
    b) Exam will include objective, case scenarios, as well as some
    simulation questions?
    What are simulation questions..are they the ones with point and click,
    arranging in order etc. that you can find on the measureup software on
    the cd along with the training kit?
    5) The exam will not be exactly 1000 marks, nor is there any way to
    find out which questions carry more weightage if they are weighed
    differently that is? eg- 40 questions 20 marks each + 5 questions 40
    marks each.
    6) Are there open ended case scenario questions like in the training
    kit book? how do you get marked for those?

    Are you required to <B> write down </B> code for any of the questions?
    gravz84, Nov 13, 2007
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