Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Pravin, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Pravin

    Pravin Guest

    hi friends
    I want 70-536,70-528 latest exam dumps where can i download this
    please replay & also tell me the exam patten and how to prepare means
    using dumps or book,
    thank you in advance
    Pravin, Jun 3, 2009
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  2. Pravin

    TBone Guest

    Don't believe the other sites here they are just rip-off. We have inside
    person who can get you the best dumps for cheating on your exams. Email Mr.
    Thomas Tips tctips @ microsoft.com. If you already have mcp id, make sure
    you tell him.
    TBone, Jun 3, 2009
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  3. I want to second TBone's recommendation on Mr. Tips.
    All you need to do is send him an e-mail that states:
    "I would like updated braindumps so that I can more easily pass [insert
    exam(s) here]. My MCP ID# for faster service is [insert your ID number here]."

    If you have purchased braindumps from other websites, even for exams that
    you have already passed, then send a copy of those braindumps, along with the
    names and addresses of the people you bought them from, and Thomas will use
    that information to update the braindump list.

    TBone is right -- Thomas Tips has the best dumps ever due to people who help
    him combine the other dumps together, along with his inside connections. I
    have never heard of anyone who has flunked an exam after getting with Mr.
    Remember that the site that spams these newsgroups thinks that 99 is a
    passing score. Don't use such ignorant sites. Go direct to the source: tctips
    @ microsoft.com.
    LarryWestMCSD, Jun 6, 2009
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