70-431 exam feedback

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Jonathan Roberts, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. I am happy to report that I took and passed the 70-431 exam Friday. It
    was not easy by any stretch but I did better than I thought I would. I
    know when I was preparing I was desperately hunting for exam reports.
    So, here goes:

    I have 4-6 years of experience with SQL Server 2000 (and Access 97/2000
    before that). I have a few months of SQL Server 2005 experience and
    about 6 months of Oracle training (classes, not a whole lot of

    I would suggest you invest in the Exam Cram 2 book for 70-431. I also
    bought the MS Press book but didn't use it much. I found that the cram
    book was better at condensing the material down into what I needed to
    know. I liked the MS Press book but it is HUGE. I was crunched on time
    (I bought one of the voucher from VS 2005 launch), so I didn't take any
    exam prep tests. However, I wouldn't suggest anyone follow my lead there!!

    I would stress that you need to know the product hands-on (I was weak in
    this area) and you need to know about the new features. I think
    everyone can figure out what those new features are, so I won't list
    them. You, of course, need to be strong on database concepts ie. the
    various objects supported by SQL Server in general.

    Feel free to ask any questions about my experience. I will answer what
    I can.

    Jonathan Roberts, Dec 25, 2006
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  2. Jonathan Roberts

    Garth H Guest

    I passed this on 12/29 and I have to agree that it was a doozy to say the

    There were a lot more sims than I expected and they were not easy at all.

    Usually people say that you should ace the prep tests before you go in for
    the real deal, but the one included in the MS Press book is pretty good.
    Shoot for 90% on it before you go in and you'll probably be fine.

    Oh yeah the almost 18 months of hands on with SQL 2005 haven't hurt me either.
    Garth H, Jan 2, 2007
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  3. Yes, I agree with this. There were many more than I expected.
    Jonathan Roberts, Jan 2, 2007
  4. Satya,

    The SQL 2000 experience will help you. It helped me immensely. The
    simulations will kill you though. Get as much hands-on experience as
    you can. If you haven't already, install a trial of Enterprise Edition

    Jonathan Roberts, Jan 2, 2007
  5. Congratulations, Taylor! Thanks for posting your feedback.

    You make 3 people in this group in the past week to 10 days. Hopefully,
    that will inspire many others.

    Jonathan Roberts, Jan 3, 2007
  6. I passed 70-431 in early November, with a lower score than I would have

    I attribute most of my challenges to the GUI_based administration simulation
    questions, which I was sorely deficient in familiar with, and may well
    account for the majority of my missed questions.

    As a T-SQL programmer, I rarely use the GUI for any admin activities.

    I would strongly encourage anybody considering the 70-431 or the MCITP:DBA
    to obtain the MSPress book(s) and be intimately familiar with DBA activities
    using the GUI tools. You can be sure that before I sit down for the 443,
    444, or 447, I'll buy those MSPress books and work all of the exercises
    involving GUI-based administration.

    Lawrence Garvin, M.S., MCTS, MVP-Software Distribution
    Everything you need for WSUS is at
    And, everything else is at
    Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\), Jan 5, 2007
  7. Jonathan Roberts

    Ken Lin Guest

    Hi Taylor,

    Congratulation on passing the exam!

    When you say simulations, do you mean a simulated environment with SQL
    Server 2005 and SSMS? In other words, you need to actually carry out
    the task to answer the question, as opposed to multiple choice

    Ken Lin, Jan 12, 2007
  8. You got it. You need to have hands-on experience to pass this one (in
    my opinion).
    Jonathan Roberts, Jan 12, 2007
  9. Jonathan Roberts

    Greg Lumpkin Guest

    Good morning all:

    I am preparing to prepare for this exam and I have a few questions.

    1. The only cert I have (as far as MS certs) is an MCP. I do have years of
    experience with MS server products from NT to 2003. Will passing 70-431 set
    me on my way to a DBA career or am I starting down the wrong path?

    2. Is the MS Study Kit and an exam simulator enough to pass?

    3. Will the 180-day trail version of SQL Server 2005 be helpful enough for
    the "hands-on" experience that many of you have mentioned needing even
    though I am a SQL newbie?

    If more info is needed to answer my questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Greg Lumpkin, Jan 12, 2007
  10. Hello Greg,

    1) Passing 70-431 will show that you have some knowledge of RDBMS
    fundamentals & basics of SQL Server (2005).
    2) Those are a good start. However, you NEED hands-on experience. See #3.
    3) Yes, the trial is fine. You need to use a "full" version of SS2005
    ie. not Express. The 180-day trial or the developer version will be
    fine. If you are serious about learning SQL Server, buy the developer
    version. I believe it is 50.00 US.

    Good luck!
    Jonathan Roberts, Jan 13, 2007
  11. Jonathan Roberts

    Thurein Guest

    Dear Greg Lumpkin,

    I personally prefer Microsoft Press and Sybex books for Microsoft Exams.
    As for 70-431, I did read Sybex book before I took the exam. In my opinion,
    you should mention the exam objects and find the topics related to the exam
    objects in exam preparation books especially for simulations.

    All the simulations in 70-431 are GUI-based.

    Thurein, Jan 13, 2007
  12. Jonathan Roberts

    Archana Guest

    I'm planning to take up the certification by Feb end 2007 and I have around 3
    months experience in MSSQL 2005.

    I would like to know if MS Press book is very essential for the
    preparation as its unavailable in my region.

    Can you please suggest how do I go about with the preparation.
    Currently I'm referring to 'Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Implementation and
    Maintenance STUDY GUIDE' of Wiley publication by Joseph L.Jordon and Dandy

    Can you brief about the simulated kind of questions that were mentioned
    in the posts by quoting a few examples.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Archana. A
    Archana, Jan 15, 2007
  13. Jonathan Roberts

    Sandy Guest

    Dear Garth,
    I am Sandip from India, Planing to give exam 70-431 asap. Here I want to
    know is the MS press book are enough for pass the exam. Do U have any dumps
    or study materials which you can share with me. Can you give the idea total
    how many question is there and how many minimum you have crack for pass the
    Sandy, Apr 3, 2007
  14. Jonathan Roberts

    Sandy Guest

    Hi Taylo,
    Congrats for clear the exam 70-431. Can you pls tell me which book or study
    guide u followed for clear the exam.
    Sandy, Apr 3, 2007
  15. Jonathan Roberts

    K. /\/\. Guest

    70-431 exam. published on October 12, 2007 as per MS learning site...
    How did you clear the exam. on Dec. 24, 2006? Is it beta exam. that you have
    K. /\/\., Aug 19, 2008
  16. Wow, this is a blast from the past! I think that date must be wrong.
    As you indicated, many have passed the exams before they say it was
    released... I did not take a beta.

    Good luck,
    Jonathan Roberts, Aug 19, 2008
  17. Jonathan Roberts

    K. /\/\. Guest

    Thanks Jonathan. I am yet to take classes for this exam. as I have worked
    mainly on ORACLE...but in new company SQL_Server is the primary database at
    corporate level...

    Any tips & tricks to clear this exam would be very much helpful..

    You may refer to this link to see that published date on MS site..
    K. /\/\., Aug 20, 2008
  18. Jonathan Roberts

    Darrilgibson Guest

    The best tips and tricks I can suggest is to pick up a book that
    covers the exam objectives. There are a lot of them out there and they
    can help guide your studies to ensure you learn what's necessary to
    pass the exams.

    Take a look at Amazon.com and enter "70-431" in the search box.

    Or, if you want to find a book (or books) that cover all the
    objectives for the MCITP SQL DBA cert, enter "70-431, 70-441, 70-442"
    in the search box. For the MCITP SQL Database Developer cert, enter
    "70-431, 70-443, 70-444" in the Amazon search box.


    Darril Gibson
    Author, MCITP SQL Server 2005 Database Administration All-in-One Exam
    Guide (Exams 70-431, 70-443, & 70-444)
    Author, MCITP SQL Server 2005 Database Developer All-in-One Exam
    Guide (Exams 70-431, 70-441, & 70-442)
    Darrilgibson, Aug 22, 2008
  19. Jonathan Roberts

    Sajid Wasim Guest

    I passed this Exam on 29.10.2008 with 1000/1000 in MCQ type questions and
    940/1000 in simulation type of question. If you need any suggestion please
    let me know. Hope I can help you.
    Sajid Wasim, Nov 4, 2008
  20. Now.. please.. pray tell... how the heck did you get scores split out by
    "MCQ" <???> and "Simulation" type questions?

    Lawrence Garvin, M.S., MCITP(x2), MCTS(x5), MCP(x7), MCBMSP
    Principal/CTO, Onsite Technology Solutions, Houston, Texas
    Microsoft MVP - Software Distribution (2005-2009)

    MS WSUS Website: http://www.microsoft.com/wsus
    My Websites: http://www.onsitechsolutions.com;
    My MVP Profile: http://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Lawrence.Garvin
    Lawrence Garvin \(MVP\), Nov 4, 2008
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