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Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Elaine, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    I have several years work experience in C++ and Unix (17
    years in the programming field - no Microsoft experience)
    and after being layed-off 2 years ago, I decided learn more
    about the latest technology by taking some certificates and
    courses. I'm also hoping that the certificates (Java and
    MCAD) will help somehow to make me more employable. I took
    the 70-315 and got a score of 753. I went through the
    Kalini books, Transcender and MeasureUp practice tests and
    the MOC books, where I took the courses. Not one of these
    sources alone covers everything. I thought the 70-315 test
    was very difficult and there were many questions on
    material I had not seen before. Then I took the 70-316
    test and found it much easier, I used the same type of
    study material and scored 860 - well maybe there was a
    learning curve with the 70-315. Then today I took the
    70-320 and felt that there were at least 14 questions I
    wasn't sure about or wasn't familiar with material. I
    scored 744.

    The skills objectives for the exams covered an enormous
    amount of material (breadth vs. depth)- which I felt was
    easy to understand - but there was just so much of it to
    learn. The tests covered a small fraction of what I
    actually learned (and didn't learn). I memorized material
    and studied to understand the concepts. A lot of the
    documentation/articles on Visual Studio.NET and MSDN went
    into a great deal more depth than what was expected on the
    exam and were interesting. Transcender questions cite
    their references which was helpful.
    Elaine, Dec 12, 2004
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  2. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    I forgot to mention that I needed to complete the 70-320 by
    12/11, so I did not study the MOC book on Web Services -
    and in general did not study as much as I had for the other
    two tests. Nevertheless, my point is, without work
    experience in .NET, you need to use as many different study
    resources as possible.
    Elaine, Dec 12, 2004
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  3. Elaine

    Bradley1234 Guest

    Hi Elaine,

    Did you get/use the Microsoft prep kit for the MCAD?

    Im now trying to pass the 316, 320 and 229. Ive been in the industry over
    20 years, mostly hardware in design, mfg and field; software debug, drivers,
    cpu level, some internal microcode, assembly, then embedded C/CPP,
    sprinkling of Java, tcl/tk, vb, vb.net, and now csharp. But it seems the
    cert is a must have.

    Other problem is? Ive been in startups, some pay, most dont. Ive got no
    budget for any training. Ive got time and would love to attend a few week
    long courses. Im wondering if Microsoft makes the full kits needed for
    MCAD? How good are they? And are there any used ones?

    Its a real struggle to find work! Im so desparate, Im kind of thinking
    about putting on a nice suit, and standing at a freeway exit with a sign
    reading: will code C# for food

    If that doesnt work? Ill make another sign: social secratary seeks situation
    Bradley1234, Dec 13, 2004
  4. Elaine

    Guest Guest

    I looked at parts of the Microsoft prep Kit by getting them
    from the library and they are on ebooks at the library too.
    And they definitely are not enough for exam preparation.
    I did not like these books as well as the Amit Kalani books.
    Check out the prices on bookpool.com. I think that the
    practice tests are also essential and I have only seen
    Transcender and MeasureUp. Transcender is good especially
    because they cite references which can easily be looked up.
    MeasureUp is reviewed by Microsoft.

    As far as training goes, some schools might have Financial
    Aid for tuition - but I don't know how it works. The
    Microsoft web site recommends schools that offer the
    Microsoft Official Courses (MOC). But I don't think you
    need the courses to pass the exams if you do readings and
    programming exercises from a variety of sources. Others on
    the MCAD newsgroup have only used one source, like the Amit
    Kalani book - but it doesn't cover everything. This web
    site has links to MSDN pages mapping to skills for some of
    the exams: http://codeclinic.com/certification.htm
    Guest, Dec 13, 2004
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