70-305, 70-306, 70-310

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by slinky, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. slinky

    slinky Guest

    If I take exams 70-305, 70-306, 70-310 does this satisfy the
    requirements for MCAD? Thanks!
    slinky, Aug 13, 2007
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  2. slinky

    Vern Guest

    According to the table of requirements....the answer should be yes:


    As a matter of fact I have just passed those exact series of tests as
    of last Wed and according to Pearson Vue, I am supposed to get a
    welcome kit by e-mail.

    They said to activate the kit go to: http://partnering.one.microsoft.com/

    That site says: "The page you are trying to access is secured with
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).".

    Now I have a Windows live ID and MCP ID from PV. Am I missing
    something here ??
    Vern, Aug 13, 2007
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  3. slinky

    Cerebrus Guest

    Where did you read that ??

    You need to specifically submit a REQUEST for the kit, at the MCP
    Once you are logged into the MCP site <https://mcp.microsoft.com/
    Authenticate/login.aspx> by providing your MCP ID and Passport/Windows
    Live ID information, Choose "Program benefits" in the Left menu and
    then choose the "Member Kit" link. On this page, it will show you if
    you have any Member kit due, and if so, you can submit a request for
    Cerebrus, Aug 13, 2007
  4. slinky

    Vern Guest

    Its on the 2nd page of my test report from Pearson Vue.

    But I have to get the e-mail first and then they confirm my shipping
    That would be good do do if I could get past the HTTP 403 error -

    , Choose "Program benefits" in the Left menu and
    Thank you for that info. PVue has a contact if I don't get the e-mail
    after 7 days.

    As for the Slinky original question........do those tests satisfy the
    MCAD ?

    ~ Vern
    Vern, Aug 13, 2007
  5. slinky

    Cerebrus Guest

    You answered that... correctly too. Sure they do. That is the sequence
    of exams I gave for my MCAD. ;-)
    Cerebrus, Aug 14, 2007
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