70-291: Exam Tip (pg 10-55)

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by ISApose, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. ISApose

    ISApose Guest

    Hello again! Another 291 question for you guys out there. The exam tip
    states that:

    "You need to understand VPN ports for the exam. ...questions will test your
    knowledge of how many ports can be created and how many simultaneous
    connections Windows Server 2003 can handle."

    The book states that you can create 1000 PPTP and 1000 L2TP connections, and
    Windows 2k3 can handle up to 1000 connections.

    My question is: Can Win2k3 handle 1000 PPTP <i>and<i/> 1000 L2TP
    connections, or 500 of each?

    Thanks in advance, you have been a tremendous help in my studies.
    ISApose, Jan 14, 2009
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  2. ISApose

    Montreal_MCT Guest

    My understanding of it is that Windows can support up to 1000 connections.
    1000 PPTP and 1000 L2TP would be 2000.

    Montreal_MCT, Jan 14, 2009
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  3. ISApose

    catwalker63 Guest

    I hate math.
    catwalker63, Jan 29, 2009
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