Discussion in 'MCSA' started by TheAliasMan, Oct 23, 2008.

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    For whatever reason, I can't reply on the original 70-236 topic...

    Anyway, curious if any has had any experience with this exam?
    Currently going through the MS Press SPTK, although I'm weary on
    relying on this too heavily as I've read some reviews on the content
    being incomplete, inaccurate at times, and presented poorly. I have my
    own reservations about it after going through the first couple
    chapters. Makes me leery of using it as my only study guide...

    I'm also supplementing it with Tony Redmond's guide to a successful
    implementation, which is a fantastic book! I think its very thorough
    and is probably beneficial throughout gaining the MCITP Messaging
    Administrator credentials. I'm thinking it might be overkill for this
    particular exam alone though and don't want to spend the time trudging
    through all 1100 pages when maybe 30% of it is related to the 70-236.
    Guess I'll use it in conjunction with the SPTK and firm-up on the
    topics that are tested. But I digress....

    The Exch2003 exams were supposedly ball-busters and I'm curious if the
    SPTK is inline with the exam content, or lacking, and if so, what
    other materials (non-dumps) were of benefit to folks.
    TheAliasMan, Oct 23, 2008
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