70-210 done now 215 or 290?

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by ooJo, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. ooJo

    ooJo Guest

    Hi there
    I have studied and passed 210 and studied 215 (Mike Myers Passport
    Book) in prep for the 210 exam. I had planned to do the 215, 218 and
    228 to become MCSA and then do 292 to
    also be MCSA on 2003. To get to MCSE 2003 I'd then have to take 293,
    294 and (297/8).

    Because of my studies I'm more familiar with 2000 I had planned to do
    the 2000 MCSA but now I'm thinking why not go straight to 2003
    (all-be-it with a bit more time and study etc). The reason for this is
    that a 2000 MCSA in 2005 might be viewed as being a bit past it. Is
    that the case?
    Considering what I've studied would it be much of a leap to go for
    exam 290 ie is there much crossover between 215 and 290? I'm thinking
    yes as they are very similar O/Ses but not having experienced 2003 I
    just don't know and can't find a short synopsis of the differences
    between both.
    My main objective is to get 2003 certified so would I be better to
    spend my time studying and go for 290 and 291 now instead of 215 and
    218 thus by-passing 2000 and having to in-effect study them later for
    the 292 exam.
    Would being MCSA 2000 and MCSA 2003 be overkill? Surely being MCSA
    2003 would also cover being MCSA 2000 to a large extent especially to
    Any constructive response would be appreciates.
    ooJo, Feb 27, 2005
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  2. ooJo

    Huddleston Guest

    Huh? <head spinning>
    Huddleston, Feb 27, 2005
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  3. ooJo

    MF Guest

    as to your last question: you never know what employers think. their needs
    are almost infinitely variable, as is their degree of rationality.

    as to what i take to me your main question: yes, it is the case. 2K is
    getting old. go straight to 2003. for the most part, 2003 embraces and
    extends 2000, so if you concentrate on 03 your only problem will be finding
    out that you can't do something in 2K. Whereas if you concentrate on 2K,
    you'll need to learn new stuff for 03. straight to 03 is the ticket.

    good luck.

    MF, Feb 27, 2005
  4. ooJo

    Huddleston Guest

    If you are still just an NT 4.0 MCSE, taking the 70-215 exam is not a bad
    move, especially given the fact many companies have not moved to 2003 yet.
    Huddleston, Feb 27, 2005
  5. ooJo

    MikeF Guest

    I agree. But learning 03 will include most of what's in 2K. Learning 03
    pretty much means learning 2K. And going the 03 route will make sure you
    are up to date on XP, because it uses features in XP not present in 2K Pro
    and thus not used in 2K Server.

    Of course, despite what I say, going thru 2K can't hurt. I guess in the end
    it depends on the time you have available, what you see as your most
    immediate target opportunities, and the route you think will be easiest.
    Easy is good :}

    btw, thnks for your reply to my ping Florida question. I have a friend on
    the west coast (where you seem to be from the server addy in your post) and
    he loves it. I've been thinking about it, but am a bit scared of the
    salaries I see in online job posts. An extreme example, one place in
    Jacksonville (not my heart's desire) was looking for an MCSE, CCNA and
    something else, with at least five yrs experience, including Exchange admin,
    and was offering $12-$15 per hour. I sent the guy an email asking if that
    were a typo. He replied, "No, that's not a typo. That's the rate." I
    didn't think there was much more to discuss.

    MikeF, Feb 28, 2005
  6. ooJo

    Huddleston Guest

    No, I live in Orlando. My header information could lead one to believe I
    live in Tampa or somewhere on the west coast, but I'm in Orange County. I
    don't understand how RoadRunner has their routers set up.
    Yes, it has been like that. In 1999 and 2000, I was billing out at $75 an
    hour and up. After 9/11, I was offered $9 an hour. 9/11 changed things for
    a long time here. Florida is the worst place to move if you want a long and
    happy career in IT. It is the trade off for the lovely weather and
    Huddleston, Feb 28, 2005
  7. ooJo

    ooJo Guest

    Hi guys

    Thanks for the advice.

    H - Sorry about not being more clear with my question - I basically don't
    know what do!

    Mike - Very good point about XP being included in any learning of 03. I
    had not thought of that.

    I have to think about which elective to go for and am looking at SQL or
    Exchange which will mean a lot of study so all things considered I'll
    probably go with the 2k track to become mcsa and then switch to 03.

    I do agree with you Mike that easy is good so in that light which would
    be the easiest elective to go for?

    Can I pick an elective for 2k MCSA that will count as an elective for 03

    Thanks Again

    BTW how do I not have my email address showing on these posts - I'm doing
    this thru Google?
    ooJo, Mar 1, 2005
  8. ooJo

    Neil Guest

    did you hear (ooJo) say in
    is this a career change for you or new to the IT feild? If you are
    working for a firm already, what do they use? Think about what is being
    used by the companies around where you live (I assume that's where you
    will be working).
    Why does everyone try for the easy stuff. Why not go for what pays the
    bills! MCDST is pretty easy. doesn't mean you will make much cash off it.
    Cicuit City really doesn't need you to have much more than your A+ to get
    you min. wage.
    have a look for yourself. Win2k MCSE at:

    and Win2k3 MCSE at:

    and then you can compare the requirements for yourself and figure out if
    the various electives are for you. good luck.
    Neil, Mar 1, 2005
  9. ooJo

    microsoft Guest

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    microsoft, Mar 4, 2005
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