675 Help!!

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Matthew Kerner, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. So I have a 675 modem that seems a little messed up. If i connect with
    hyperterminal and boot it up, this is what i get.

    Checking CBOS Flash CRC...
    MIX header/trailer CRC verified: 0x622a79fa
    Flash CRC verified: 0xcf52c0e5
    Checking Monitor Flash CRC...
    MIX header/trailer CRC verified: 0xae8d9e6d
    Flash CRC verified: 0xa82b3e3a
    Checking User Config Flash CRC...
    MIX header/trailer CRC verified: 0xccfb9766
    Flash CRC verified: 0xa4f4ab20
    Checking Custom Config Flash CRC...
    MIX header/trailer not found

    Ron960 User Interface: Build 112 (Apr 8 2001 15:10:15)
    NetSpeed HomeRunner(TM); i960 JX; JA step number 03
    Copyright 1997 NetSpeed Corporation
    Copyright 1998, 1999 Cisco Systems
    I can't run any commands!! Nothing works. I type anything such as, sh ver
    and all i get it Invalid command.
    Is it dead???
    Also it seems hit or miss whether or not I can even get into it with
    hyperterm. I boot it up and i just see little squares across the screen if
    anything at all.
    please help!
    Matthew Kerner, Dec 7, 2003
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