64 bit UNIX like operating systems - a free root account

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by kartik.solaris, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. To learn, a free root account, is a tool. It may not be a bad idea to
    avail of the free root access I provide. Via such free account, 64 bit
    hardware issues, device drivers, system performance, internet
    architecture, browsers such as lynx, and applications on a UNIX like
    operating system, may, be delved into. Issues in, Vista, networking,
    mainframe, animation, etc, may be, via appropriate use of a free root
    account, to some extent, resolved. For inconveniencing you, I

    You may install some compilers(licensed), etc...you may install/build,
    test....if there are issues, contact me.

    Now, to avail of free root access, first login to one system:
    telnet trainingzone.getmyip.com (username: unix password: no
    hit enter), then,

    telnet AND/OR telnet
    (username:root password: no password, hit enter).

    Updates about the free training, free root account, will be made
    available on:

    Do not hesitate to contact me. Contact me at: ,
    or, at, or contact me, via my web page.

    Comfort and Peace, I wish for you.

    Kartik Vashishta
    kartik.solaris, Apr 17, 2009
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  2. kartik.solaris

    Malke Guest


    Spam. Reported.

    Malke, Apr 17, 2009
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