512 MB CF Caard for $123.00

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Saqib Ali, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Saqib Ali

    Saqib Ali Guest

    Saqib Ali, Aug 1, 2003
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  2. Saqib Ali

    Don Coon Guest

    $123 isn't that great a price -- certainly not "too good to be true". How
    about $107 shipped for the same card:
    Similar prices can be found on Ebay but watch the shipping cost. I found one
    on my first search for $106 shipped.

    I use a 256MB Kingston card in my 10D with no problem. Got it for $33 after
    rebate through Dell. Unfortunately that deal is now dead. BTW, Kingston is
    not an off-brand.

    Good Luck!
    Don Coon, Aug 1, 2003
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  3. Saqib Ali

    Silvio Dante Guest

    (Saqib Ali) staggered into the Bada Bing and slurred:

    Kingston has been a well known and reputable manufacturer of computer
    memory for a long time, I'd trust their products.

    "She's so fat, her blood type is Ragu."
    Silvio Dante, Aug 1, 2003
  4. Saqib Ali

    Wes Guest

    Wes, Aug 1, 2003
  5. Saqib Ali

    Jerry Guest

    How do they measure the speed of the card?...Which is the fastest card right

    Thanks in advance!

    See ya...Jerry
    Jerry, Aug 1, 2003
  6. Saqib Ali

    Al Clark Guest

    I just bought a Viking 1 gig CF card from Amazon for $222, with a $50
    rebate. Card works fine on my Canon S50. Only been 2 weeks, so haven't
    received the rebate. I made copies of all the paperwork and mailed with a
    "Return Receipt", which I got back yesterday.
    Al Clark, Aug 1, 2003
  7. Saqib Ali

    Mark B. Guest

    Kingston should work fine. Newegg.com has a Transcend 30x 512MB card for
    $120, many folks on dpreview.com have recommended it.

    Mark B., Aug 1, 2003
  8. Saqib Ali

    Patrick L. Guest

    You can find Transcend 30x 512mb, very reliable, for less than that on Ebay,
    brand new from dealers. Try www.insidecomputer.com , two asian guys in
    Alhambra. California. Ignore their web site prices (which are still pretty
    good), and bargain with them on the phone. I visited their office, and I
    found them to be honest, and eager to make me happy. They offered me one
    for about $110 when I was there.

    Patrick L., Aug 1, 2003
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