506e - need pdm flushed?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by sincraft, Aug 3, 2007.

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    506e upgrading pdm

    Ok originally posted about some issues I was having.

    To anyone looking to upgrade the PDM to a version other than pdm-304(1) so that you can actually view the software without errors (you need 304(2) or better due to java errors GO CISCO!) - Here is some critical information that many should know.

    Download the software to the actual tftp server if possible. One of the reason one of our pix didn't work is because of the download going over our network to the server. For whatever reason...speculate away.

    DO NOT follow the flimsy instructions on ciscos site.

    Cisco instructs to : copy tftp flash:
    This will result in a 'no pix image found...'

    Be sure to type instead: copy tftp flash:pdm
    This worked for us...just fyi.

    Chaulk another one up for the outsourced instructions writers and java writers of this firewall. Once you get through the garbage, it's great. :)

    PS. Yes I know REAL techs don't use the PDM. I like stats , graphs and charts - but more over - our client is INSISTING on it for one so I wanted to work around these issues with this older units.
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    sincraft, Aug 3, 2007
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