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Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by The Group, Dec 29, 2003.

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    After all these budgets providers (e.g. AirAsia, Tiger Airways) that provide great value for a low price, here comes another - BUDGET VIRTUAL OFFICE PROVIDER! The Pacific Club is the #1 in Singapore for providing value-for-money virtual office solutions.

    Our Virtual Office Services include:
    a.. Prestigious Business address - mail address in located in the heart of Central Business District
    b.. Unlimited Multiple Users Per Company
    c.. Unlimited Letters, Parcels and Courier Mail-Handling
    d.. Unlimited Mail-Alert via Email with Senders' Information
    e.. Weekly Mail-Forwarding
    f.. Innovative Fax-to-Email
    g.. Meeting Lounge for Short Casual Discussion
    Price for the virtual office package from SGD$5.00 per month (minimum 12 months).
    Do visit us at www.virtualoffice.com.sg for more details.

    We pride ourselves as Singapore's #1 Budget Virtual Office Provider - Value-For-Money, No Hidden Cost. Our rates fully transparent and we are the cheapest within CBD district. Our customers love us for our friendly & personal services (check out our true testimonials on our websites - real name, real companies) because we believe in going the extra mile. Whether if its their birthday, festive seasons or when our customers' businesses bloom, we will always personally show our wishing, blessing & support.

    We are also Singapore's 1st to introduce Online Purchase. After using your credit card to register for our services, you can right away register with Registry of Companies & Businesses or www.bizfile.gov.sg. No hassle, no wasting of precious time. Our online registration has only 1 form to fill and it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. Our online payment gateway is totally secured, as it is integrated with NETS solutions. NOTE: Even though you have yet to find a suitable company name, you can register with us first and activate your account in the future.

    Also, you can download the form and either fax or email the registration form to us for processing. Payment can be done by sending us a cheque. Lastly and the most conventional way is to visit us. We accept payment via Cheque or Cash for walk-in payments.

    For those who need a private mailing address can also consider using our virtual office services. Be it for pen-pal, mobile phone billing address (for those who don't wish their parents to be angry), little web businesses, or something out of the ordinary (for all of the weird, naughty or special people in the world).

    For those non-profit organisations that helps entrepreneurs, young adults or senior citizens, you may be entitled to our Virtual Office Silver (worth $60) for free! Please email to us for more details (our email is listed on our website).

    The very reason why we started is because we want to start a revolution. We want to help entrepreneurs, bring good value to this industry which have been badly serviced by the incumbent & incompetent providers. They often used hidden costs and cheating ways to squeeze money out of the entrepreneurs. This is not the right way to run a business and we started this business, to change it for the better. We don't have hidden costs, services are priced fairly and unbundled so that "you pay what you use". On our website are resources to inspire our entrepreneurs, bringing them hope and spark their passion.

    A step further, we practice "giving back to the community". Although we are only a small business, we don't run away from being a good citizen. We recognise that the world belongs to everyone and everyone should have the opportunity to serve and be served, in a proper, respected and fair manner.

    We need your support in informing your friends of our service. Spread the words on both our virtual office services as well as our free services to the non-profit. Help us and help everyone.

    Merry Christmas To All Of You,

    Peter Tan
    CEO, The Pacific Club
    Singapore #1 Virtual Office Provider
    The Group, Dec 29, 2003
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