'5 or 11 Ascii characters..' error when trying to connect to netwo

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, May 18, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have installed a new copy of XP and am trying to access an existing
    wireless network. If I view available networks, I can see the one I want to
    connect to. It is a secure network, so it requires a network key, which I
    know. However when I type it in I get the following error:

    "The network password needs to be 40 bits or 104 bits depending on your
    network configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 11 ascii characters or 10
    or 26 hexadecimal characters"

    I have found a similar thread with an answer, which suggests I enter any 10
    characters as a network key. I haven't tried this yet, because I'm not at my
    PC. But. and correct me if I'm wrong, surely I enter my known secure network
    password at this point. Or do I just make something up???

    Any suggestions?
    Guest, May 18, 2006
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  2. Guest

    Malke Guest

    You must enter the correct key to connect. The error message indicates
    that you are not entering the correct key. If this is your own wireless
    network, check the key by looking at it in the wireless router's

    Malke, May 18, 2006
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  3. Try:

    Do not use the password - use only the hex number generated for key #1 on
    the router. If the key #1 number displayed on the router has dashes, leave
    them out when you enter the number in key #1on the client.

    Doug Sherman
    Doug Sherman [MVP], May 18, 2006
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Forgive my ignorance, what is the key #1 number on the router?
    Guest, May 19, 2006
  5. Guest

    Malke Guest

    We're assuming you're trying to connect to your own router. When you set
    up your wireless function on the router, you probably entered a
    passphrase which generated an encryption key. Some routers generate
    more than one key - Key #1, Key #2, etc. You only want Key #1 and you
    don't want to enter the passphrase - enter the actual numbers/letters
    of the encryption key.

    To see the router's configuration, the usual way is to enter the
    router's IP address in a browser's addressbar. For example, to enter a
    Linksys router's configuration utility you would type:

    Refer to your router's manual for details.

    If you aren't trying to connect to your own router, you'll need to get
    the correct key from whoever the router belongs to.

    Malke, May 19, 2006
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok. Thanks both for your advice. I will try what you have suggested and see
    where that gets me. If it doesn't work, you may well hear from me again!
    Guest, May 19, 2006
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Got conencted, thanks to both of you for your advice.
    However I'm having a problem now with my connection dropping out fairly
    regularly. The signal is full strength when it is connected, I just get an
    info balloon on my taskbar saying that 'One or more wireless networks is
    available' and I have to reconnect. Any suggestions on how I prevent it
    dropping out?
    Guest, May 22, 2006
  8. Guest

    Lem Guest

    Any cordless phones, microwave ovens, or similar appliances nearby?
    Crowded neighborhood where there may be other wireless networks? The
    signal strength indicator provided by WinXP is not necessarily a good
    indication of the strength of the network that you want to connect to.
    Try going into your router's configuration and change to channel 11 (or 1).
    Lem, May 22, 2006
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    THANK-YOU. After many frustrating hours (including trying to contact the
    "nerd" who charged me a fortune to setup the network but couldn't tell me
    what the key was!!) I found you guys and Doug's absolutely CORRECT
    INFORMATION that allowed me to get to my router's website & get the "key".
    Guest, Aug 10, 2006
  10. Go get 'em, Albert!

    Doug Sherman
    Doug Sherman [MVP], Aug 11, 2006
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