5 Good Tips for Taking Kids' Photos

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by gary_hendricks, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. Here are 5 good tips for shooting photos of babies and children.

    1. Get them to pose properly
    Easier said than done. Getting children to pose for photos can be
    frustrating and can often result in your children appearing tense.
    Involving a toy or another person for the child to interact with while
    photos are taken often helps child subjects to display a broader range
    of emotions, especially of happiness, which is what you want.

    2. Get down to the level of the child
    Getting down to the level of the child will make them more comfortable
    and give you a better view of their features. If you are outside, wear
    clothes that you won't mind getting dirty so you can kneel down at any

    3. Use a camera that you can operate quickly
    Using a camera that you can operate quickly and keeping the photography
    equipment to a minimum also helps you get a great shot before your
    child's attention wanders, as you can be sure they won't hold a
    fleeting pose while you change lenses.

    4. Use a wide angle lens
    Using a wide angle lens can often give a pleasant view of a baby,
    because their body parts are already a bit out of proportion and the
    perspective offered by a wide angle lens will exaggerate this.

    5. Use natural lighting
    Natural lighting coming from a window will also give a more gentle and
    nostalgic feeling to your photographs and will also react better with
    the skin tone of a baby.
    Gary Hendricks
    gary_hendricks, Dec 26, 2004
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  2. Mostly good advise...especially #2. But, when I shoot photojournalisticaly I
    don't pose. Just point the camera at them. If they don't see you go ahead
    and shoot. I also like the look when they first notice the camera. After
    that...just keep looking through the viewfinder....they will pose if old
    enough....but after a minute they will get bored and start doing something
    interesting....to them at least. Of course natural light works well for this
    sort of thing....but fill flash is often a good idea. Any camera works well
    at some sort of shooting...none work well for everything. Pinhole cameras
    are great for sleeping kids only!

    If posing...and using strobes...they stiffen up...get them to goof off a
    bit. Have them make silly faces. Then they start laughing and you get good
    shots. (If a paying gig the "faces" make a nice addition)
    Gene Palmiter, Dec 26, 2004
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  3. gary_hendricks

    Ben Thomas Guest

    I like using bounce flash. Results in much more even lighting. There's rarely
    enough light coming in from the windows for even 1/60s shutter speed. I prefer
    to use 1/90 when photographing kids as they move so fast. My daughter is still
    too young to pose though.

    Ben Thomas - Software Engineer - Melbourne, Australia

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    Hitachi 37" HD plasma display, DGTEC 2000A,
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    given nor endorsed by it.
    Ben Thomas, Dec 28, 2004
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