4 DIMM slots to choose from

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Ralph D., Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Ralph D.

    Ralph D. Guest

    I am installing a SOYO Dragon2 KT880 v2 board in my existing box. The memory
    setup is listed as

    DimmA1 DimmA2 DimmB1 DimmB2

    The book has a chart that is confusing, at least at a glance. I am going to
    use 2 of the 4 slots for 2 512M 400 sticks. Am I supposed to put them both
    in DimmA slots or one in DimmA 1 and the other in DimmB 1or what is the
    program on this?

    Also, even though they are both DDR400 and the same chip configuration...
    one is CLK 3 and one 2.5. Can they still run double cycles if I run them at
    the slower speed (3?)?

    Any other heads-ups on this installation?

    Thanks for looking.
    Ralph D., Nov 24, 2005
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  2. Ralph D.

    DalienX Guest

    Ralph D. wrote:

    With ram nothing can really go wrong, if you get the setup drasticly
    wrong the computer will just beep at you and shut down.
    So try them in DimmA1 and DimmA2 first, if you have any problems move
    the second strip DimmB1.
    DalienX, Nov 24, 2005
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  3. Ralph D.

    nos1eep Guest

    Generally, the RAM is sold in a kit to run dual channel. Check out
    this link
    and you will see that Dual Channel is sold in pairs. Dual Channel is
    specialized RAM and not all RAM can be paired up to accomplish this
    Your RAM will work fine at CL3 in slots A1 and A2. Put the CL3 in slot
    1, overclock with care, and use the voltages recommended for the CL3,
    not the CL2.5.

    nos1eep, Nov 24, 2005
  4. Ralph D.

    Ralph D. Guest

    Thank you for that 'well duh' moment. :cool: Sometimes I think entirely too
    Ralph D., Nov 24, 2005
  5. Ralph D.

    Fred At Home Guest

    I'm afraid that the information in the post above is misleading, false and
    untrue. Utter bullshit in fact. Dual channel is not special RAM. It is a way
    of utilizing RAM on a motherboard. As long as the two sticks are basically
    the same (both DDR 400Mhz etc) then they will run in dual-channel mode. Some
    smart-arse RAM sellers try to sell the RAM in "matched pairs" but they just
    charge you more for two sticks! LOL
    Fred At Home, Nov 25, 2005
  6. Ralph D.

    nos1eep Guest

    You are absolutely correct in that it is a function of the motherboard
    to utilize the dual channel. I was unclear on that. But the RAM still
    has to spec out the same in order to accomplish this. Very tight
    tolerances are required for problem-free operation. I have tried
    running a couple of dissimilar sticks in my Abit AN8 and was subject
    to random reboots. 2 DDR400 sticks with the same chip configuration,
    in perfect condition, would only run in 64 bit mode.
    The RAM was tested by me one stick at a time and came up individually
    I purchased matched 1 gig sticks and they run flawlessly in 128 bit
    mode. Buying matched pairs is the only way to go. Now, if you believe
    me to be incorrect, give me some cites, I am always willing to learn.

    Here is a link to a whitepaper on the subject.


    nos1eep, Nov 25, 2005
  7. If the RAm is matched and set for dual operation
    they go in DIMM A1 and DIMM B1 or DIMM A2 and
    DIMM B2 for optimal performance - otherwise it
    makes no differnece where they go. I had one
    that started with 1 chip, then add a matched
    pair to make it three and now have two matched
    pairs and it just flies along, matched pairs
    in A1/B1 and A2/B2.
    Deadly Ernest, Nov 25, 2005
  8. Ralph D.

    JTJersey Guest

    Get the matched sets. I haven't found them to be any more expensive than
    individual sticks and you can be more certain that they will run reliably
    in Dual Channel mode if your board offers it.
    JTJersey, Nov 25, 2005
  9. Ralph D.

    Fred At Home Guest

    I have three PCs all running RAM in dual-channel mode. I have NEVER bought
    "matched pairs" and all the systems run flawlessly.
    Fred At Home, Nov 25, 2005
  10. Ralph D.

    nos1eep Guest

    Cool, glad everything works for you. Does this mean, from your
    experience, that one can mix sticks with differant latencies and
    brands? I have seen successfull dual channel configs that did not use
    factory matched pairs, but they were all the same brand.

    nos1eep, Nov 25, 2005
  11. Ralph D.

    Fred At Home Guest

    The same brand and spec in each PC, but different types in different
    Fred At Home, Nov 27, 2005
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