3G 3G+ 4G LTE WiMax What does the new iPhone have?

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by JJ, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. JJ

    JJ Guest

    GPRS, Edge, 1G, 3G, 3G+, 4G, LTE, 4G/LTE, WiMax, HSPA+, etc.

    I heard the new iPhone has "something" new that other phones and carriers don't yet have.0

    What is it?
    JJ, Sep 12, 2015
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  2. JJ

    Savageduck Guest

    LTE Advanced.
    WiFi with MIMO (Multiple-input/Multiple-output)
    Savageduck, Sep 12, 2015
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  3. JJ

    Guest Guest

    LTE Advanced.
    WiFi with MIMO (Multiple-input/Multiple-output)[/QUOTE]

    also, almost all lte bands in one device, including the new wcs band 30.
    Guest, Sep 12, 2015
  4. JJ

    JF Mezei Guest

    LTE Advanced is not unique to iPhone.

    August 13, 2015 -

    Bell first in North America to introduce Tri-band LTE Advanced, the
    fastest mobile network technology available
    Speeds of up to 290 Mbps with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy
    Note5 smartphones available from Bell next week

    (Note: Telus network shares with Bell, so Telus is likely to make
    similar claims but with different handsets).
    JF Mezei, Sep 12, 2015
  5. JJ

    JJ Guest

    How does "LTE Advanced" differ from "LTE" or "4G/LTE" ?

    And, which of the big four carriers have it?
    JJ, Sep 12, 2015
  6. JJ

    JJ Guest

    What does that sentence even mean in english ?

    Is "WCS 30" a new standard above LTE at 2.3GHz for E-Ultra ?
    JJ, Sep 12, 2015
  7. JJ

    JJ Guest

    What does that even mean ?

    Every basic 802.11n WiFi radio is MIMO !

    Was the older iPhone not even basic 802.11n ?
    JJ, Sep 12, 2015
  8. JJ

    Guest Guest

    What does that even mean ?

    Every basic 802.11n WiFi radio is MIMO ![/QUOTE]

    if you don't know what mimo means, how would you if know every 802.11n
    is mimo (which it isn't)?
    Guest, Sep 12, 2015
  9. JJ

    Guest Guest

    What does that sentence even mean in english ?[/QUOTE]

    lte has a *lot* of different bands and each carrier uses different

    in the past, an at&t phone might not have the bands that a verizon
    phone does, so if you wanted to switch carriers, the phone might only
    be able to use 3g because it doesn't have the proper lte bands.

    this was a big issue with t-mobile 3g, which used aws that nobody else
    did, but t-mobile refarmed their network so that's mostly not an issue
    anymore. however, there are still are spots where t-mobile is aws and
    if the phone doesn't support aws, it will fall back to 2g.

    now that just about all lte bands are in one device, you can move to
    any carrier you want, anywhere, any time.
    it's a new band that has just come into use.
    Guest, Sep 12, 2015
  10. JJ

    Savageduck Guest

    The older iPhones did not feature MIMO.
    Savageduck, Sep 12, 2015
  11. JJ

    Chris S Guest

    An exceptionally high price?

    Chris S, Sep 12, 2015
  12. JJ

    Guest Guest

    An exceptionally high price?[/QUOTE]

    no it doesn't. its price is comparable to other similar phones.

    the galaxy note 5 actually costs *more*.

    but why let facts get in the way.
    Guest, Sep 12, 2015
  13. JJ

    David Taylor Guest

    "What does the new iPhone have?"

    No place in an Android newsgroup!
    David Taylor, Sep 12, 2015
  14. JJ

    Guest Guest

    it's crossposted to three newsgroups, including an iphone group for no
    credible reason, other than to troll.
    Guest, Sep 12, 2015
  15. JJ

    JJ Guest

    I thought, pretty much, lately, all the phones were quad frequency.
    JJ, Sep 14, 2015
  16. JJ

    Andy Burns Guest

    Andy Burns, Sep 14, 2015
  17. JJ

    Andy Burns Guest

    Andy Burns, Sep 14, 2015
  18. The Nexus 6 is far better on almost all important features than the iPhone 6s.
    And, you can buy more than TWO Nexus 6 phones, for the price of one iPhone 6s!





    Apple is great at separating people from their money.
    That's why they are the most profitable company in the world.
    That people overpay (by double) for an iPhone is why it's the most profitable
    product in the world.

    You can't have such profits without people paying double what it's worth.
    Vincent Cheng Hoi Chuen, Sep 14, 2015
  19. JJ

    chris Guest

    This was the first link I looked at:
    "Determining a victor is rather tough, especially when there’s not a
    single phone that greatly proves to deliver the better performance over
    the other. With that in mind, we can certainly agree at the very least,
    that you won’t be disappointed picking up either of them"

    So doesn't really grok with your hyperbole. Plus, an entry-level
    iPhone6s is 1.5x the price of Nexus 6 (official prices: £539 vs £369).
    Worth is meaningless. You can only charge as much as people are prepared
    to pay for something. Apple have the ability (for whatever reason) to
    charge more than many. Samsung products are around the same price or
    sometimes more (Galaxy s6 is £499, s6 edge is £669).

    One also has to wonder if Google makes any money on their hardware at
    all. Their model is based purely around services and advertising, hence
    why all their stuff is 'free'. Are they selling phones with low margins
    just to ensure their userbase?
    chris, Sep 14, 2015
  20. JJ

    JF Mezei Guest

    The move to software based radios has enabled breaking that original
    hardware wall. I believe the iPhone 6s supports 29 frequencies now.
    (although this may represents blocks within a frequency group, for
    instance, 700mhz has 5 paired blocks A B C ,C1 and C2 (some countries
    may have carved them up differently) and then 1 each of upload and
    download D and E which few phone support).

    So from a marketing point of view, you could claim 700 as 1 frequency or 5.

    The different blocks start to matter when AT&T and Verizon start to use
    predatory practices. They got handset manufactiurers including Apple to
    not support 700-A "because of interference". This is the 700 block that
    T-Mobile had gotten. (they did the same to delay by many years the
    iphone's support of 1700 for 3G, which is what T-Mobile was using its
    1700 for).
    JF Mezei, Sep 14, 2015
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