3D printers

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Sir Leslie Bottocks, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. are they any good, I see they are being advertised on the Leeming website?
    Sir Leslie Bottocks, Feb 8, 2014
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  2. Sir Leslie Bottocks

    Your Name Guest

    The Noel Leeming one is a relatively cheap version for making simple
    models. It depends what you want to make, but it would be best to visit
    one of the stores providing demos before buying it.

    Also check out the price of the cartridges!

    You can also import your own 3D printer from other makers, some of
    which are cheaper and arguably better than Noel Leemings Cubify

    There's a discussion about the Cubify 3D printer on the Geekzone.co.nz

    It's probably worth waiting another year or so for prices to drop and
    more makers to be shipping.
    Your Name, Feb 8, 2014
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  3. Sir Leslie Bottocks

    noydb Guest

    My experience of leemings says never buy anything from them. The machine might
    be good (or not, I don;t know :) ) ... but they aren't. :)
    noydb, Feb 10, 2014
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