3D PHANTOM AGP / PCI VIDEO CARDS with Multiple Monitors

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jim McQueen, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Jim McQueen

    Jim McQueen Guest

    Wondering if you can use an AGP Video (3D Phanton XP-3800) card with an PCI
    VGA (3D Phantom XP-PCI2800) video card too run Mulpile monitors?

    Operating System: WINXP
    CPU: 2.5 AMD Chip
    Motherboard: K-7 Triton GA-7VT600 via KT600 chipset
    AGP VGAVideo card: AGP Video 3D Phanton XP-3800 with 64-bit 32 MB SDRAM
    PCI VGA Video card: PCI VGA 3D Phantom XP-PCI2800 SIS-305 PCI 32MB

    Will this cause conflicts or damage to said cards?

    Thanks in Advance and much appreciated!
    Jim McQueen, Oct 20, 2003
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  2. Yes, it's do-able -- don't know why anyone would think it would cause
    "damage" nor what sort of "damage" someone could think it might cause --
    but in many cases the AGP card has to be the primary one; this is often
    set in the BIOS *and* in XP as well. Sorry, I don't have that m/b so I
    can't tell you how to set the preference in the BIOS for which video
    card to use, but maybe you have your own documentation on it.
    Tergiversative, Oct 21, 2003
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