300D and Sigma 70-300 Lens

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by John, May 22, 2004.

  1. John

    John Guest

    Bought a secondhand Sigma 70-300 APo F4 F5.6 lens for my 300D. Pristine
    Condition. Tested it where I bought it (Indoors) and it worked fine but now
    I find the following problem:
    When I try to shoot anything more than about 25ft away, the camera appears
    to focus and shoot but I get an error message on the LCD 'err 99' and I have
    to restart the camera. Nothing is saved to the card.
    Focusing on closer objects is no problem. I've tried all focal lengths,
    isos, MF,Program, Creative zone, etc but it will not successsfully take a
    shot where the subject is far away. Standard 18-55 lens behaves perfectly.
    Oh and the shutter makes a different sound (softer) before the fault.
    Any Ideas ?
    John, May 22, 2004
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  2. John

    Lionel Guest

    Yep, I have the same lens, & had the same problem with my 10D. The
    annoying thing was that it worked fine when I tested it in the shop. It
    tunred out that it throws the error when the camera tries to change the
    aperture, & it worked okay in the shop because I had the 10D set to Av,
    & wide open. Imagine how happy I was when I contacted Smegma, & they
    told me that that model was 'too old' to be re-chipped for the current
    Canons. Just another example of Sigma Quality Engineering. :^/
    My advice is to sell it to someone with an older model camera, because
    the glass is actually quite nice.
    Lionel, May 22, 2004
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  3. John

    This Old Man Guest

    The Sigma 15-30 did this to me too when I was in the store. I bought the
    15mm prime instead and never a problem.
    This Old Man, May 23, 2004
  4. John

    Skip M Guest

    Do you mean the 14mm? The 15mm is a fisheye lens...
    Skip M, May 23, 2004
  5. Canon DSLR's all do this (generally the more expensive, the worse)
    with all makes and models of lenses, errors are rampant. No other
    DSLR brand does this. There is nothing you can do to fix the problem
    except ebay.
    Georgette Preddy, May 23, 2004
  6. John

    JohnJ Guest

    To those unfamiliar with George/Georgette Preddy, please ignore his
    postings. If you read other postings by him you will find that
    he, for some reason, has a fetish against Canon. He is also
    extraordinarily pro Sigma/Foveon.
    JohnJ, May 23, 2004
  7. John

    Lionel Guest

    Kibo informs me that (Georgette Preddy)
    stated that:
    Preddy is a liar who's never own a Canon in his life. Please ignore his
    Lionel, May 23, 2004

  8. Please show a reliable cite for this.

    You can't, as this is only an issue with Sigma lenses as they don't
    license the mount (as opposed to companies such as Tamron, which do)

    grant kinsley, May 23, 2004
  9. John

    dslr Guest

    Hadn't seen him around for a while - I assume he's been let out again.
    dslr, May 23, 2004
  10. John

    Bill Funk Guest

    Before I bought my Digital Rebel (300D), I did a Google search for
    problems with the camera.
    The biggest complaint, by a wide margin, was just this: Err 99 with
    Sigma lenses.
    Sigma will re-chip the lens once, under warranty, as I understand it.
    Bill Funk, May 23, 2004
  11. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=err+99+Canon&btnG=Search

    "I am seeing this Err99 problem with the Canon 10D on a number of
    sites. It is DEFINITELY NOT a 3rd party lens problem only - I am
    having intermittent problems with my 15mm fisheye, 17-35mm L series
    zoom, 28-70mm L series zoom, and 70-200mm IS L series zoom, all top of
    the line Canon lenses. I have been on the road for 45 days in Europe
    and have been shooting 200-400 pix per day; some days I get this error
    every other shot for a couple of hours and I have to turn the camera
    on/off or remove the battery. Other days will pass without this error.
    I will contact Canon when I get back to the USA but this is a serious
    problem as it is not possible to have confidence in your camera to get
    that shot that you have been waiting minutes for. I have missed a
    number of shots after waiting 5 minutes for the crowds to disperse, or
    a moving one-time target has come into view."
    Too late.
    Georgette Preddy, May 23, 2004
  12. John

    Skip M Guest

    No, he just morphed to get around all the kill filters that have him at the
    head of the list...
    Skip M, May 23, 2004
  13. Canon DSLR's all do this (generally the more expensive, the worse)
    Amazing. In a year of shooting I've never had an error message with my
    10D. But then, I don't use crappy Smegma lenses.
    Randall Ainsworth, May 23, 2004
  14. That is true, assuming you bought the wrong lens version for your
    particular Canon body. This is a friendly service they provide to
    accommodate customer error. Its a shame Canon bodies are so fraught
    with errors and SIgma has to suck up the cost of poor engineering,
    some Canon users complain they miss as much as every other picture
    opportunity using shoddy Canon lenses on shoddy Canon DSLR bodies...

    "My 18-55mm lens lasted approximately 80 frames before progressively
    coming to a hault (error99)...in fact my first shot as a virgin camera
    resulted in the message error99......from the first shot to the last
    the problem became more frequent. "

    "It's the Canon Rebel Body Folks, not just the lens. Keep doing your
    research and you will learn that there is a flaw in the Rebel design
    that is causing the error 99. The many posts indicate that the Canon
    Rebel will fail instantly out of the box, with or without a Canon

    "I was on assignment Sunday and halfway through the day my mirror on
    my 10D fell out. I looked through the viewfinder and only could see an
    image on half of it. I checked to make sure there was no obstruction
    in front of the lens, and there wasn't. I took the lens off and the
    mirror was just laying there. I was wondering if any others have had
    problems with this happening. I know I have read a few threads on DP
    review of it happening." (ok, that one wasn't an just funny, or maybe
    it was an err 99, they didn't say)

    "I get Error 99 when I use my 20year old 50mm in burst on a 10D, I
    contacted Canon and they said that lenses that old need to be rechiped
    etc, they even offered to do it in-store for free! Haven't really done
    it yet though...
    According to the manual (10D) Error 99 is pretty much any
    UN-identify-able error so it could be anything."

    "I had driven an hour and a half to a beautiful Victorian town called
    Cape May, NJ where all of the tulips are in bloom and the camera
    stopped functioning after an hour. I did not have my film camera there
    for back up so the rest of the day was wasted. I was so angry. I can't
    bring the camera back to Ritz until Monday and I am sure they will
    have to send it out for repair so I will be without the camera for

    "I recharged the battery, took the grip off, but had the same working
    and non-working results.

    "Next I tried memory cards. I have a 128MB Kingston, a 512 MB Viking,
    a 512 MB SimpleTech, and a 1 GB Sandisk Ultra II. All of the above
    trials were with the Utra II card. I started with the 128 Kingston. I
    inserted it firmly into the camera. The card was full and I had to
    clear a few pictures to take a test shot with the 70-300 mm lens. It
    worked! I cleaned off all of the pictures from the card and took
    another 4 pictures with the long lens and they all worked. Then I used
    the 512 Viking; worked fine with the long lens. Then onto the 512
    SimpleTech and boom... error 99. Inserted the Ultra and also got error
    99. Back to the 128 Kingston and the Sigma lens that would not work at
    all, but behold, It worked, but only for one picture."

    "I have the Error 99 problem with a SIGMA 50mm Macro but only when
    using flash (?) Without flash everything works fine."

    "I also get the Error 99 if I use my Canon EF Ultrasonic 20-35mm
    wide-angle lens. It seems to happen almost randomly. I have better
    luck in the pre-programmed picture taking modes. I also have a SIGMA
    170-500MM and get Error 99 in most all but F5.6 Aperture it seems.
    Again it is nearly too random to try and figure out. I have a EF
    28-105 that doesn't give me the error so I am limited to this lens. So
    much for the reason I purchased this digital camera over others.
    Thought it would work with my multiple Canon lenses. Not happy
    : ("

    "Just bought a Canon Digital Rebel body - as I already had 2 Canon EOS
    lenses. Problems with Error 99 occurred on first day - can rectify wih
    turning it on and off - but then the moment is missed. Anyone taken
    this up with Canon ??"

    "I've Canon EOS 300D Rebel with Kit 18-55lens. The same problem.
    After each shooting I've get Err 99. I removed the battery,memory
    card,lens etc etc.
    Sometimes it works - sometimes stats again!! ARR... I hate this

    "Hi, Just wanna share my experience: I've encountered Err 99 problem
    last time I took my Canon 300D/Rebel to take photo. It resume normal
    after I switch off and on again the camera. However, after several
    takes err 99 comes again. I've tried both the Canon EFS 18-55 lens and
    Tarumon Lens. Both have the same result(err 99 occur sometimes, around
    once per 10-15 shoot). I've tried remove and re-install the CF card.
    But it doesn't help. Then I tried to remove and re-install the battery
    and it becomes better (err 99 still occur but much less frequent)."

    "I have the 300d since March and I have had this problem with an old
    Canon Lenses: a 50 mm 1.8. From my testing the error happens dependent
    of the aperture you are using. In some apperture it works and in
    others it doesn't.
    The other problem I have is that the flash burns out the picture when
    I'm using that lens. I suppose it just doesn't read correctly the
    flash exposure value using E-TTL... I also have a 420 Ex flash and the
    problem is the same. Does anybody have had the same problem?"

    "Same err 99 problems with (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6) that came with
    Rebel (1 out of every 4 pictures). My other two Canon lenses have
    worked fine for over 200 pictures (no err 99). Spoke w/ Canon support
    and was told to send back (EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6). I have a feeling I
    will get lens back with "No problem found," but time will tell.
    Interesting note: Canon support states they haven't heard from other
    users regarding err 99. Yeah, right."

    "After my first entry on this page (April 29) I got the camera back
    from Canon, as I mentioned, no fault found (even after it was resent
    to them, saying that there IS a fault. They cleaned all the contacts
    to make me happy and it worked on the first day. Someone at Canon
    finally admitted, that sometimes error 99 also happens with original
    Canon lenses. However, in my case, they did not find any problem.
    Well, here it is again. Open apperture works, if I try to close it,
    error 99. I hope Canon will finally catch this point!!!"

    "Same thing happened repeatedly to my 10D when pressing the shutter
    with a Canon 24-70/2.8L lens. I noticed that it always happened with
    the same battery. I replaced the 6 month old generic battery and it
    only happened once more, but much later."

    "Thanks. I have used other lenses (including Sigma 17-35mm) and all is
    fine. I tried changing that battery (canon batteries) and exactly the
    same happens. What is strange is that the error message appears to
    arise when the light is brighter. If I am shooting indoors, all is ok,
    but if I point the camera out the window at a white wall, the error
    message comes up every time. Looks like this error is pretty randon,
    since my problem is not the same as yours was?"

    "I've had my 10D for about a year now, and I never had the Error 99
    problem until I used my new Canon 28-135 IS lens on it the other day.
    I was on a shoot and probably got the error at least 20 times. I was
    quite surprised since it seems that most of the time this error is
    associated with 3rd party lenses."

    "I've had the error 99 message about 4 times since I bought it. It
    appears to be random and in my case has only happened using EF

    "Err 99 has many causes. Given the symptoms you report (including the
    use of other lenses) there are two possibilities that are worth
    checking out. First, sticky aperture blades can be a cause. If you
    still have your previous body, try mounting the lens on that, and
    setting increasingly narrow apertures in Av mode, exercise the blades
    using depth of field preview - look into the lens to see that it stops
    down correctly. This may be sufficient to clear the problem."

    "My 10D would occasionally display err99 with Canon lenses. But
    yesterday, it produced the err99 on every exposure. BTW, the exposures
    were ok. Also, the auto focus started hunting and refused to lock on.
    I called Canon, and the first thing they asked was, was I using Canon
    lenses? With all due respect to those who know more about this than I
    do, I'm not going to trouble shoot a new $1500 in-warranty body only
    to get around a problem that may occur again out of warranty, and
    which Canon needs to FIX! Mine is going back to Canon tomorrow."

    "I experienced it for the first time with my 10D this past weekend
    (after a year of shooting). I knew my battery was running low at the
    time, but kept on shooting. When I saw the Err 99, I replaced the
    battery and all was well again. Whew!!"

    "On Saturday afternoon while taking some photos I encountered an Err
    99 message on my digital rebel. I was using the lens that was supplied
    with the kit and had a fully charged battery and a CF 512Mb card with
    only 10 pictures on it. The camera had taken 10 perfectly fine
    pictures before it stopped working. I tried everything to get it
    working again ... changed the lens, took out the battery for 2 hours,
    deleted the last photo I had taken from the CF card, turned the image
    display off, eventually I formatted the entire CF card. None of these
    seemed to fix it - I continued to get the Err 99 message every time I
    tried to take a photo. Later that night, I started taking random shots
    indoors and all of a sudden it started working again. It made no
    sense?!?!? Has anyone else experienced this? I've searched on Google
    and found quite a few people have encountered this with their Digital
    Rebels - but no one seems to know what causes it."
    Georgette Preddy, May 23, 2004
  15. John

    JohnJ Guest

    To those unfamiliar with George/Georgette Preddy, please ignore his
    postings. If you read other postings by him you will find that
    he, for some reason, has a fetish against Canon. He is also
    extraordinarily pro Sigma/Foveon.
    JohnJ, May 23, 2004
  16. John

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    This is a complete fabrication. George (and Georgette) Preddy is a troll out
    to sell Sigma's lousy cameras and lenses and willing to tell any lie to do
    it. He (it) owns no camera, takes no pictures, and is not George Preddy -
    who died in 1944 although until someone did the research he claimed to be
    the WWII Ace. George the troll was also active in touting the Atari computer
    (remember that?) long after it dipped below the radar.

    home of The Camera-ist's Manifesto
    The Improved Links Pages are at
    A sample chapter from my novel "Haight-Ashbury" is at
    Tony Spadaro, May 23, 2004
  17. John

    Bill Funk Guest

    This is a non-sequitur.
    It does not respond to the question asked.
    WHich was (as you can see above):
    "Canon DSLR's all do this (generally the more expensive, the worse)
    with all makes and models of lenses, errors are rampant. No other
    DSLR brand does this. There is nothing you can do to fix the problem
    except ebay."

    One example does not establish that "Canon DSLR's all do this".
    So, either you're lying, or your reading comprehension still sucks
    (which means that you simply can't understand what you cite; you've
    already demonstrated this, so you might want to cop to this one).
    Not yet.
    Bill Funk, May 23, 2004
  18. John

    Bill Funk Guest

    Yes, read them,and see that, indeed, Canon lenses are imperfect
    (imagine that!), but the problem is with Sigma lenses, too.
    This will probably come as a surprise to you, since you can't read.
    Bill Funk, May 23, 2004
  19. This is not a reliable cite that this is a universal problem. This is
    an anecdote. All manufactured items will have an occasional lemon.
    Again provide a reliable cite that this is an issue for Canon cameras.
    That means provide statistical evidence that this is a generalized
    problem (the claim you have falsely made)
    GK: 11 requsts for reliable cites
    Preddy: 0 provided
    grant kinsley, May 23, 2004
  20. A year of shooting and the 10D mirror hasn't fallen out? You are lucky indeed.
    Georgette Preddy, May 24, 2004
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