3000foot cable run

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MotorsportsX, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Aug 4, 2015
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    Hello everyone.

    Im looking for a way to run. a 3000 foot internet/server connection. I have a bit of experience with networking , but im probably a 3 out of 10. So, as this goes, the land i purchased has a shop next to the road. This is my office/garage/workspace etc. I would also like to store my server here. Keeping the noise and heat out of my house. We are building a house at the back of the field about 3200 feet away. The ISP's all want over 10k to run a line out there, but the shop is already connected with 100mbps. Im not paying 10 grand.

    The server setup requires a 4 way trunked line to my media server, and then 4 seperate drops for wifi coverage, and 12 more for ethernet drops in different rooms of the house. The internet comes into switch and is distributed out to each component.

    So the only thing i have really come up with was feeding internet into the server, and then using the server with a low frequency coax to distribute everything back to a modem in the house. I figure since im the only one using it i have plenty of channels to keep the bandwidth up with the low frequency. I found a 32 channel modem to receive the signal, which obvisouly isnt the 4gig trunked connection im so fond of, but i figure it will suffice for now. I dont even know if this is possible though, and im not sure what i would need to retrofit my server to make it happen.

    The other option is fiber which i have no experience with and have no idea what it would cost.

    You folks have any suggestions?
    MotorsportsX, Aug 4, 2015
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