26W or 40W sucking (depending on site) AGP4x card in a 175W PSU computer update from the field

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by thanatoid, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. thanatoid

    thanatoid Guest

    (Just in case anyone cares...)

    Well, after some fiddling to fit the damn full size bracket AND
    the PCI riser card (the machine would not run without the riser
    although the only thing on it is the audio card) onto the MB at
    the same time (had to take apart the riser assembly), it's all
    done and, miraculously enough, seems to work fine.

    (Have yet to play a game or something, but so far, no overheats,
    red or amber flashing lights from the PSU, etc.)

    Installing the nVidia 98SE driver file gave me the usual
    "incompatible version of the RPC stub. Installation aborted"
    message (I seem to get it a LOT) but it somehow DID copy all the
    files to where it was supposed to, and I was able to change to
    nVidia in display properties etc. etc.

    (I'm think I'm going to have to /finally/ try to find out what
    an RPC stub is.)

    I can't put the cover on the computer (due to the full height
    bracket on the video card), but if it works OK for a week or so,
    I'll modify the bracket to be low profile.

    /Very noticeable/ speed improvement in basic operations now that
    no system RAM is used for graphics. May have to LOWER my
    keyboard repeat rate!!!!!!

    I know this is kind of boring.

    Thank you to the 2 people who bothered to reply to my lengthy
    plea for advice.

    Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the
    votes decide everything.
    - Josef Stalin

    NB: I am filtering everything from discussions.microsoft and
    google groups, so no offense if you don't get a reply/comment
    unless I see you quoted in another post.
    thanatoid, Oct 19, 2008
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