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    Test1pass 220-601 is high enough to help the candidates to pass this exam easily without any other study materials and no need to attend the expensive training class.To match the current real test, the technical team from Test1pass will update the Questions and Answers for any changes in time, and also we are always accepting the feedbacks about this exam from our users, in specialty, we will mend the exam pool with the suggestions from those users who got full scores in this exam, so to perfect Test1pass 220-601to make it always have the best quality exams.

    1. A technician has installed a new video card and the computer will now only boot into VGA mode. Which of the following may be the cause of the problem?
    A. There is an operating system incompatibility.
    B. The incorrect drivers are installed.
    C. The external monitor is not compatible.
    D. The new card is not DVI compatible.
    Answer: B

    2. After installing a new cable modem and new router, which of the following should be the order used to start up the devices?
    A. Turn on the cable modem, then the router, and then the computer.
    B. Turn on the cable modem, then the computer, and then the router.
    C. Turn on the router, then the computer, and then the cable modem.
    D. Turn on the computer, then the cable modem, and then the router.
    Answer: A

    3. IEEE 1284 is a standard for:
    A. infrared communication.
    B. wireless networks.
    C. wired networks.
    D. parallel communication.
    Answer: D

    4. Which of the following is the fastest method to transfer data wirelessly?
    A. Bluetooth
    B. Standard infrared
    C. General Packet Radio System (GPRS)
    D. 802.11
    Answer: D
    kdkhg, Dec 23, 2010
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