2003 SP1 Wireless Zero-Config

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by dever, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. dever

    dever Guest

    Is anyone else having a problem with UNC file transfer and the zero-config
    wireless support provided with SP1 for W2k3Svr?

    Here's my situation: I'm using Linksys gear (with their SpeedBooster
    technology) for an 802.11G network. The server and a client are connected
    using the linksys usb wireless NICs, and I'm using a linksys AP/Router.

    The server and the client work fine on the network. I can RDP into the
    server console from the client all day long, both boxes can surf the
    internet just fine, and could generally be considered to be operating just

    I can also open a folder on the server via UNC and browse the directory
    structure. However, the minute I drag a 200MB file (or something that takes
    longer than a couple seconds to copy) both boxes fall off the network and
    must rediscover and attach to the AP.

    I first saw this in RC2 for SP1, and thought it might be a bug in the zero
    config or something. Now I've uninstalled RC2 and laid in SP1 gold, and the
    problem still exists. BTW, I can ftp the same data to the server without
    problems. It seems particular to copying over a UNC in windows explorer.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior with SP1? Any ideas on what the problem
    might be?

    dever, Apr 9, 2005
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