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    What I Learnt From My Fourth Grader That Changed My Life!

    Friends, it's great to be part of this posting.
    I would like to thank everyone for their intro emails. I will answer
    each one personally, but it may take a couple of days :).

    I was going on with my life as usual (I'm 45, male) until last year
    everything collapsed. I was a CEO of a small cap company. The firm ran
    out of fumes. I worked all my life to build this baby working 60-70
    hrs a week.

    Now suddenly, I was at home with nothing to do but that is where I
    realized how foolish I had been. My life was an unending rat race. Who
    was to blame? Me.

    While I was at home I began to enjoy the time with my wife and the
    kids. I now drop them to school, pick them up, help them with homework
    and get involved in their extracurricular activities. I never had so
    much more fun and my family loves it too. We've never bonded like this
    Also, during this time I had to mend many relationships that had gone
    sour in the past. Most importantly, with my dear brother, who I had
    not spoken for 15 yrs. Friends, life is very short. It's up to us to
    make things right. If we're humble and reach out then anyone's heart
    can be melted. Just try it.

    After, about a year of doing nothing I decided that it was time for me
    to get back to work. The last thing that I wanted to do was to go back
    to the brutal work force. While I was contemplating on this, my son
    returned from his first day in school. I asked him son what did you
    learn today and he replied all we did was to write down our goals.

    Then a brain wave came to me.
    Yes, that's where I needed to start. I started to write down my goals.
    Part of the goals were personal and spiritual and the other part was
    financial. I had saved enough money so I did not need to work if I did
    not want to. But part of my goal was to help other individuals and
    organizations. I wanted to help others reach their goals but for them
    money was most often an impediment. I wanted to donate generously to
    my church and also to organizations that kept kids off drugs.

    An important part of the goal was to work from home.

    This got me looking into home based businesses. Golly, there were tons
    out there but most were fraudulent. I started to do my research to
    find the right gig. I put all my training and diligence to work. I was
    also new at internet based businesses so I knew I needed a credible
    partner. After 3 months of researching, I finally settled on one
    opportunity. Incidentally, other experts (the scam report) also called
    it the most credible opportunity ever. So I tried it, and friends
    believe it or not it works. In fact, you can make a lot of money doing
    it but you have to spend a few hours everyday if you want to succeed.

    If you're like me and want an outlet that gives you peace of mind and
    time with your family, then please just do me and yourself a favor,
    and have a look at this:


    It is the most credible opportunity out there and you can make a lot
    of money ($10,000 - $100,000 per month) doing it.

    I hope you enjoyed this posting.

    My very best,
    egfryew9, Sep 30, 2007
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