20 Reasons why Vista Sucks!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Au79, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Au79

    Au79 Guest

    Having been forced to use vista for almost 4 months now I can truly say it
    is so riddled with problems it may be another five years until it is
    actually ready for the masses. My journey with Vista began about four
    months ago when I purchased a new Vista ready HP computer, big mistake.
    After I decided that I would go back to using XP until Vista bugs were
    worked out I was told by HP that they would not provide any drivers for XP,
    so basically I was stuck with Vista unless I wanted to try and track down
    my drivers from the hardware manufacturers which is a process I have not
    attempted yet. My biggest complaint so far with vista is that it runs
    incredibly slow, even with maxed out specs. My computer I purchased meets
    all the specifications plus some but performance is still not nearly as
    good as it should be, so I can’t imagine a two or three year old pc running
    it. The few visual effects of Vista are not really worth the resources it
    consumes so I disabled them from the very beginning hoping to get a little
    more speed out of a brand new computer with the following specs: Core 2 Duo
    2.13, 2 gigs of Ram, 500 gig hard drive, and a Geforce video card with 512
    ram, with specs like these windows XP would fly but not Vista it just coast
    along slowly. I really wanted Vista to live up to the hype and promises
    Microsoft pushed on us, but if memory serves right XP did take years to
    perfect and then it was time to upgrade again.

    1) Hardware doesn’t run well on Vista (even new hardware)

    2) The new security of Vista is overkill most of the time, being prompted
    for every little thing is bad enough but Vista even labels existing
    applications as suspicious.

    3) Lack of drivers for older and newer hardware.

    4) Power options do not change automatically for laptops depending on
    whether you are plugged or unplugged from a power source.

    5) The Start Menu has been redone with a completely different look,
    unfortunately it is hard to navigate and find what you are looking for.

    6) Rebooting a Vista machine is supposed to be faster, but it actually takes
    longer to reboot than XP.

    7) The much talked about Aero UI is great to look at, but with all the
    resources it takes just to run it all you will be able to do is look at it
    and not actually work on your pc.

    8 ) The many different versions of Vista will be confusing to some basic
    computer users who are not sure of what exactly they need so in the end
    they will probably figure more expensive means better and pay for a version
    they don’t need in the first place.

    9) Horrible graphics performance that was not an issue with XP.

    10) Although the look is “improved†basic functions like add/remove programs
    are hard to find.

    11) VPN doesn’t work correctly, even though there are a few work arounds for
    this it is still not an easy process.

    12) Software that is supposed to be windows compatible shuts down randomly.

    13) Firefox runs ten times better than IE7 in vista.

    14) The sidebar is another resource hog.

    15) Readyboost seems like a good idea if you can get it to work.

    16) DVD playback through windows media player or media center lacks quality.

    17) Minor changes to hardware may prevent the system to boot up.

    18) No “open with†when right clicking on a file.

    19) My brand new Netgear Eva8000 streaming media device will not work
    wirelessly with vista due to some tcp stack problem in vista (it did work
    perfect with xp).

    20) Windows Improved search is a total mess and not very accurate.


    Au79, Oct 8, 2007
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  2. Au79

    OJ Simpson Guest

    It all depends upon who is sitting behind the wheel and is doing the
    driving. I have not had one problem in running Vista. You'll do well to
    just run Linux Au79, which I suspect you can hardly do that.

    And about Vista's search, it works well if you know what you're doing
    like using the Advanced Search and telling it to Include Non-indexed
    files. You no more know what you're talking about than the man in the
    Moon about anything Au79.

    Au79, you are no expert on anything not even your own worthless life.
    You can hardly toast bread in a toaster let alone turn on any computer
    and use it. It don't matter what the O/S you're using. you don't qualify
    And once again, you are no expert on anything.

    I wouldn't trust anything you had to say as far as I could throw a
    building somewhere.
    OJ Simpson, Oct 8, 2007
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  3. Au79

    Brian Cryer Guest


    Many people do seem to be using Vista without problems, but I agree that it
    runs like snail and those in our office that use it have complained of some
    of the points on your list. I'm hoping that SP1 will address at least some
    of these. I think that's due out sometime next year. My understanding is
    that as well as numerous bug fixes the service pack should address some of
    the performance issues.
    Brian Cryer, Oct 8, 2007
  4. Au79

    Mellowed Guest

    Why are you using VISTA??? You promote Linux all the time. Why don't you
    practice what you preach?
    Mellowed, Oct 10, 2007
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