20% Discount on MCP certification exams! Use this valuable voucher number: MSUU4C2E5280

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Zwitterion.net, Oct 23, 2005.

    a.. Register for your discounted exam online at
    www.pearsonvue.com/ms, in person at your nearest Pearson VUE® Test Center
    (visit www.pearsonvue.com/ms for a list of test centers in your
    area), or call them at 1-800-TEST-REG (800-837-8734).

    b.. Use this valuable voucher number: MSUU4C2E5280. You must
    present/enter the above voucher number at the time of registration.

    c.. Voucher may be used on ANY Microsoft Certified Professional
    (MCP) exam(s), and may be used multiple times!!

    d.. For more info go to: www.zwitterion.net


    a.. Exams must be registered and delivered by December 31, 2005

    b.. Redeem your voucher via phone (1-800-TEST-REG), online
    (www.pearsonvue.com/ms), or in person at your local Pearson VUE Authorized

    c.. Voucher may not be combined with other offers, has no cash
    value, and may not be transferred or sold.

    d.. Sorry, valid only in the United States.
    Zwitterion.net, Oct 23, 2005
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