2 Sipgate numbers behind one router..?

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Ivor Jones, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Ivor Jones

    Mark Kelly Guest

    sipura 2000?
    Mark Kelly, Jan 30, 2005
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  2. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Yes I've been looking at that one, it seems ok, will it work with 2
    Sipgate accounts..? Has anyone successfully got it working in this

    Ivor Jones, Jan 30, 2005
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  3. Ivor Jones

    Martin² Guest

    My Sipgate / Babble / FWD connections work without a DMZ being set up,
    (using Draytek router).
    Martin², Jan 31, 2005
  4. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    My Netgear router requires the DMZ to be set to the IP of the SIP device.
    Anyway I've given up with the ATA-486's now, I'll be getting a Sipura
    SPA-2000 which I'm told will do the job. Seen some for a very good price
    on eBay..! I'll let you know how it goes.

    BTW Sipgate seems to have fallen over at the moment...

    Ivor Jones, Jan 31, 2005
  5. Ivor Jones

    Rick Merrill Guest

    Rick Merrill, Jan 31, 2005
  6. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    No as in you haven't got it working or no as in no it can't be done..?

    Ivor Jones, Jan 31, 2005
  7. Ivor Jones

    Rick Merrill Guest

    I'm skeptical, shall we say, but I'd never say 'never'. First, I'm
    certain you have to have an IP for each TA; second, afaik most TA on
    the market has the capability (when enabled) to supply 2 lines. third,
    most TA must go Between the modem and the router so that it can do QoS
    by throttling back traffic other than voice - therefore there can be
    only one TA in a configuration (I'm talking about a broadband connection
    to home or business). fourth, each TA must be provisioned by the VoIP
    supplier by the TA's MAC address.

    In other words you're allowed only 1 TA (telephone adapter) imho.
    Rick Merrill, Jan 31, 2005
  8. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    I think you're misunderstanding me here - if the SPA-2000 has 2
    individually configurable phone ports then I only *need* one ATA -
    presumably the device only presents one IP address to the router..? If
    both these are true then it will do what I want. I was only trying to get
    2 ATA-486's working because (a) that's what I had and (b) that device only
    has a single phone port.

    The ATA doesn't *have* to go between the modem and the router, it's ideal
    for QoS as you say but if you have a combined modem/router, which is more
    common than separate devices, what do you do then..? I have a single
    ATA-486 plugged into my Ethernet hub along with several PC's and a printer
    server and they all work fine, it's only since adding the 2nd ATA that
    problems have arisen, hence my requirement for a device with 2 phone ports
    but a single IP address.

    I've seen some SPA-2000's on eBay for a reasonable price so I think I'll
    take the plunge..!

    Ivor Jones, Jan 31, 2005
  9. Ivor Jones

    John Geddes Guest

    Be warned that the one I bought on eBay came with UK power supply but
    without only RJ11 sockets for the phone connections - I think some
    suppliers include adapters, but not all!

    John Geddes
    John Geddes, Feb 2, 2005
  10. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Adaptors aren't a problem, I have two spare ones here, Maplins sell them
    anyway. Or a power supply come to that, I have several pieces of USA
    equipment here so there's a 240 > 120V stepdown transformer under the

    I just hope I can get it working with 2 Sipgate numbers..!
    Ivor Jones, Feb 2, 2005
  11. Ivor Jones

    Les Desser Guest

    I have an SPA-3000 with 2 sipgate numbers - works fine.

    The unit is connected to a switchboard.
    Les Desser, Feb 3, 2005
  12. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    I'd be interested in talking further re. configuration, could you email me
    Ivor Jones, Feb 3, 2005
  13. Ivor Jones

    Les Desser Guest

    I did the initial configuration via a wizard on <http://voxilla.com/>
    where they have different ones for 1000/2000/3000.

    If you want to take it further by email, send me an email - but unless
    you have special reasons it may be useful to continue here for the
    benefit of others.
    Les Desser, Feb 4, 2005
  14. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Les Desser wrote:

    Thanks for the pointer to that site, it looks interesting. I still haven't
    received the 2000 yet but I'll try the wizard and let you know how I get

    Ivor Jones, Feb 4, 2005
  15. Ivor Jones

    Les Desser Guest

    By the way, where did you buy it and how much was it?
    Les Desser, Feb 4, 2005
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