2-FXS VoIP adapter versus 2-port FXO VoIP adapter?

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by GS, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. GS

    GS Guest

    I called one of the local VoIP provider for VoIP adapter, they offered
    two types: 1) 2-FXS port VoIP adapter and 2) 2-FXO port VoIp adapter,
    I need to connect just one regualar phone for phone services, which
    one I have to take, any difference between FXO Vs FXS ports, I think
    bith are RJ-11 ports to conect any regulat POTS phone right, any idea,
    GS, Apr 8, 2007
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  2. GS

    John L Guest

    I called one of the local VoIP provider for VoIP adapter, they offered
    FXS and FXO are things on the two ends of the phone cord, S for
    Station and O for central Office. A phone is a station, so if you
    want it to work, the other end of the cord better be an FXO.
    John L, Apr 8, 2007
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  3. Actually, if he wants to connect a phone to a router/gateway, he'll do
    that with the FXS ports. FXO would be for inbound/outbound calling via
    analog lines/trunks to and from the CO.
    fugettaboutit, Apr 8, 2007
  4. And just to make it even more confusing the home VOIP adapters are
    sometimes (incorrectly) labeled with the names of the interface that
    they are meant to connect to. When you look at the Sipura marketing
    material they refer to the various units as having either "2 FXS's"
    for the two phone version or "1 FXS, 1 FXO" for the version that
    splices between your CO and your phone. The FXO interface they are
    referring to is clearly an interface that is meant to *connect* *to*
    an FXO (but obviously is an FXS itself).

    I'm not sure how the average person is expected to piece that alphabet
    soup all together.

    Wolfgang S. Rupprecht, Apr 9, 2007
  5. GS

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> "Wolfgang S. Rupprecht"
    Sure -- But you have to realize that this is pretty standard for PC
    grade hardware. For many moons parallel ports had little "printer"
    icons, PS/2 ports have little keyboard and mice icons, modems have a
    jack where you connect the line-in, and one for the phone.

    Home VoIP adapters are targeted towards that market, rather then the
    more technical market that would want to know what a jack IS rather then
    what it connects to.
    DevilsPGD, Apr 9, 2007
  6. GS

    gery Guest

    It seems that you need a gateway ATA with only 1 RJ11 port.
    Please see http://www.chinaroby.com
    The price is only US$35

    GS wrote:


    Gery Jiao

    Roby Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Skype : gery668
    Web: http://www.chinaroby.com
    Tel : 86-755-83843088

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    gery, Apr 19, 2007
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