1TB external bus-powered SSD drive with Thunderbolt?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Sandman, May 30, 2014.

  1. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    I've been looking at the Lacie "Little Big Disk" which has Thunderbolt 2
    and very impressive read/write rates, but it's not bus-powered, and I need
    a good mobile disk with preferably 1TB of storage.

    Any ideas?
    Sandman, May 30, 2014
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  2. Sandman

    Guest Guest

    la cie is well known for power supply failures.
    Guest, May 30, 2014
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  3. Sandman

    Joe Kotroczo Guest

    WD My Passport Pro, available in 2TB and 4TB, integrated TB cable,
    buspowered. Contains 2 HDs, which can be used RAID 0 or RAID 1.

    G-Tech G-Drive mobile, 1TB, both Thunderbolt and USB3, buspowered.

    Seagate GoFlex. 1TB, buspowered.
    Joe Kotroczo, May 30, 2014
  4. Sandman

    Joe Kotroczo Guest

    Sorry, I didn't see the "SSD" when I read your post.

    Elgato do a 512GB SSD, buspowered.
    Joe Kotroczo, May 30, 2014
  5. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Sandman, May 30, 2014
  6. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Yeah, I've seen it. I would prefer a 1TB drive though. Maybe I have to
    build one myself. I should be able to buy an external enclosure and put a
    1TB SSD disk in it.

    The neat thing about the Lacie one is that it's PCIe SSD, so it's crazy
    Sandman, May 30, 2014
  7. Sandman

    Guest Guest

    disk failures are not la cie's fault.

    la cie doesn't make the disks. they buy them from disk manufacturers.

    they do make the power supplies though, and they're generally not that
    Guest, May 30, 2014
  8. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Why is this not a failure of La Cie? Don't they have a choice of what
    vendors to purchase their disks from?
    Tony Cooper, May 30, 2014
  9. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Sandman, May 30, 2014
  10. Sandman

    Joe Kotroczo Guest

    Joe Kotroczo, May 30, 2014
  11. Sandman

    Guest Guest

    because la cie does not make the drives.

    very simple.

    if you buy a vehicle and the power steering fails, such as what's the
    focus of a current recall, is it your fault or the car maker's fault?
    Guest, May 30, 2014
  12. Sandman

    Guest Guest

    all enclosure companies choose the least expensive drives available
    which is why you never know what drive is going to be inside the box.

    in other words, the risk for drive failure is pretty much the same no
    matter who makes the enclosure.

    *every* drive will fail. the question is when.

    it's the other parts where enclosure companies differ. la cie skimps on
    power supplies, and that's why their power supplies fail more than with
    other companies.
    that's not a drive failure. that's a raid issue, which is something
    they added and possibly with their own firmware.
    make sure it's firewire, usb 3 or thunderbolt.
    usb 2 is not reliable enough for bus-powering.
    Guest, May 30, 2014
  13. Sandman

    Guest Guest

    Guest, May 30, 2014
  14. Sandman

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Wait a minute, now. If a component of a product continually fails,
    and the manufacturer of that product does not change sources, who is
    at fault? Whether it's disks or drives or any part, if past
    experience indicates the component is a problem, then change sources.
    If the company continues to use that vendor, then it is clearly the
    fault of the company.

    I don't know who makes the power steering components of the vehicles,
    but I would put the fault with the car maker if they used those
    components from that vendor and had knowledge that those components
    were a problem in previous years.

    That is the exactly the problem with La Cie.
    Tony Cooper, May 30, 2014
  15. Sandman

    Joe Kotroczo Guest

    Joe Kotroczo, May 30, 2014
  16. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Me too. I would hope that that would be quite less of a concern with SSD's
    Yeah, OWC is neat enough, but doesn't have big enough disks, maxing out at
    480GB for 6G, which would be ok if they had a neat enclosure for putting
    two of them in there (or four). I guess I have to build my own...
    So, uh, that's not actually SSD, though. It's a slow 5400 rpm disk where
    the thunderbolt cable is just ridiculous :)


    3G is available at 960GB ($649) and 6G at 480GB ($399). So I need a
    thunderbolt enclosure for them as well.
    Sandman, May 30, 2014
  17. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    Well, between me, my colleagues and apparently Savageduck - the only drives
    that have *ever* failed in external enclosures have been Lacie. All failed
    drives have been in Lacie enclosures.

    For the record, I've never had a power supply from any vendor fail.
    I didn't say it was. It is, however, Lacie corrupting data on the disks,
    which has the same end result.
    Reread the subject...
    Sandman, May 30, 2014
  18. Sandman

    Sandman Guest


    It comes with a 128GB SSD drive, so I would have to transplant a larger
    disk in it, like this one:


    Or this one:


    I suppose one could sell the 128GB drive.
    Sandman, May 30, 2014
  19. Are those prices not reversed since the 3G seems to cost more than the
    6G? Anyway, the abbreviation for British pound is GBP (and that for US
    dollar is USD).
    James Silverton, May 30, 2014
  20. Sandman

    Sandman Guest

    OWC's enclosures are easily opened. Unfortunately, OWC doesn't sell an
    empty TB enclsoure. Either way, their enclsoures are pretty ugly either way
    Sandman, May 30, 2014
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