19" racks.. are they all the same?

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by El.chippy, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. El.chippy

    El.chippy Guest

    I recently bought a 19" rack trolley thing on trademe, it was
    advertised in the audio category for use as an audio mixing desk
    trolley. In fact, here is the same item.

    However, I intended to use it for cisco switches and routers for my
    CCNA lab gear. Having received it I found it to be bent, and
    generally poorly made. I managed to straighten out the bent castor
    mount (paper thin steel so didn't take much to bend it back into
    place), and i can live with the cosmetic finish since it will shortly
    be hidden behind cable ducting etc.But now the final problem is that
    it is much to narrow to hold the cisco switches. Like a good 6-8mm too
    narrow between the mounting rails to get the switch and brackets
    between them

    So before i go ballistic at the seller for supplying me something that
    is not fit for purpose and demanding a refund or replacement, i just
    need to be sure that 19" audio racks are supposed to be the same width
    as a 19" computer rack.

    Can anyone confirm that they are supposed to be the same width?
    El.chippy, Dec 9, 2008
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  2. El.chippy

    Richard Guest

    Should fit, what is the measurement to the center of the cage nut holes
    to the other side?

    Are you certain you have the right rack ears on the cisco stuff?
    Richard, Dec 9, 2008
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  3. El.chippy

    El.chippy Guest

    Heh, i saw you were bidding on that one Rich. And yeah, the cisco gear
    would have all come out of standard 19" racks i would assume. To give
    you an idea of how narrow it is between the sides, a 2950 switch
    without the mounting brackets on doesn't quite fit between the rails
    when all the bolts holding the frame together are done up. I've just
    taken pictures but don't have the data cable for my camera here at the
    With the cage nuts pushed out as far as they go, the cross bars that
    were supplied are ~7mm too narrow to mount the cisco switches i have

    cage nut holes centre to centre are 463mm.
    El.chippy, Dec 9, 2008
  4. El.chippy

    JohnO Guest

    Hey, thanks for posting that - this would be perfect for mounting up
    the sky decoder, freeview decoder, htpc, dvd player and ht reciever
    and lcd/keyboard on top so it can roll away into the media cupboard.

    Don't worry - they have a few of them so I won't bid against you.!
    JohnO, Dec 9, 2008
  5. El.chippy

    El.chippy Guest

    Wont be me you are bidding against.. i already have one. If you
    weren't planning on hiding it in a cupboard i would think against, the
    surface finish is a quick spray of black paint over unprepped steel,
    so you get the nice textured finish in some spots where the rust
    hadn't been taken of, and semi-gloss finish elsewhere.

    I will say this about the company, they are quick to dispatch the
    goods, but not so good when you have problems. emailed them 7am
    Thursday morning, still no reply.
    El.chippy, Dec 9, 2008
  6. El.chippy

    JohnO Guest

    Thanks for the heads up. Is the rack beefy enough? The thing I dislike
    about some of the cheap Chinese stuff is that the metal tends to be
    thin, the structure floppy, and edges sharp .
    JohnO, Dec 9, 2008
  7. El.chippy

    El.chippy Guest

    Product Details
    - Heavy Duty Frame
    Its 1.1mm thick cheap steel RHS. not particularly strong at all.
    Can bend the sides of the RHS in with my fingers. And they didn't
    bother reinforcing where the castors or assembly bolts go through, so
    any significant loading is going to start buckling these pretty easy.
    Just tacking on a couple of reinforcing plates where the castors mount
    would make it a much better product. And putting some tube in the
    mounting holes so they wont crush when you crank the bolts up to stop
    it wobbling about.

    - Smooth Matt Black Finish
    lolz. Will post photos tonight/tomorrow morning.

    - Industry Standard 19" unit design
    heh, not this one.

    - Holds up to 10RU units (top) + 8RU units (Bottom)
    The rails on the bottom have 9 sets of holes, but the positioning of
    the bottom cross brace means you can't actually use the bottom set.

    - Smooth Rolling Castor Wheels with Lock Protection
    They are cheap and nasty castors, but for ~$40 that they go for on
    trademe its what you expect. Decent quality castors would set you back
    more than $40.

    - Full Tilt Frame for easy positioning
    Only friction locked, so the load would probably need to be
    reasonably well balanced if you want it to stay in place.

    - Dimensions ~ 550w x 550d x 1050h
    - Includes Mounting Screw Set
    2.5 sets of cage nuts, no m6 bolts. You may get more, the box i
    received was damaged and the packet ruptured, so some may have been
    lost along the way.
    Oh yeah, if they'd spent a few more cents getting button heads/pan
    heads instead of of big ugly socket heads it would be a bit nicer.
    Easily fixed by a trip to the local fasteners store.
    El.chippy, Dec 9, 2008
  8. El.chippy

    Richard Guest

    Sounds like the typical lowest cost possible that you get from asia if
    you dont specify what you actually want.

    I just want it to hold my mixer, and possibly an amp, but I think that
    may end up a non-starter with it being about 25 kilos and only having
    the front to mount it on.
    Richard, Dec 9, 2008
  9. The dimensions of a standard system can be found at


    The gap between the rails is given as 451mm.

    Checking an old drawing I have from 1981, it is stated as 450 +1.0

    Hope this helps.
    Malcolm Moore, Dec 9, 2008
  10. El.chippy

    Squiggle Guest

    Actually, looking at this again I might be wrong about this. It might
    just squeeze in on the bottom set of holes.
    Yeah, certainly looks that way. But none of this is would be too hard,
    or costly to fix. A few big penny washers in the right area to spread
    the load over a larger area around the castors and the mounting bolts
    and I think it would be sturdy enough to handle a bit of rough use.
    Thats certainly what I plan if I have any hassles getting a
    Depending on how deep the amp is you could certainly mount it on the
    bottom set of holes and rest it on the back crossbar. And the plate that
    the mounting holes are formed from is at least 2mm thick, I wouldn't
    worry about it bending the mountings if properly secured.

    If you want to have a look at one I noticed that surplustronics sells
    what appears to be the same item on their website, if you are heading
    into the city drop into the shop and see if they have one on display.

    As for the not fitting problem, after you asked about the centre-centre
    distance on the cage nuts I had another look, and since the distances
    seem about right, I figure that if I throw it in the mill and take 2mm
    off the mounting rails on each side it will probably fit okay, maybe
    with a washer or two to shim it out. It appears that maybe the holes
    were just punched a fraction too far into the strip before it was bent
    resulting in not quite enough room between the rails. As you can see in
    the pics below there is plenty of meat on the inside that can be trimmed.

    Squiggle, Dec 9, 2008
  11. El.chippy

    Richard Guest

    Quite likely, the mixer that bargains direct sell is the same as the one
    at surplustronics, I got mine for about 10% of what surplus sell them
    for. Its a pretty crap mixer, I have to turn the PC's volume down to
    about 10% and not go over about half on the input sliders inorder not to
    get some horrid sounding distortion. Its not clipping, just bad
    distortion. On a proper line in it fares better, no idea on the phono
    stages since my turntable is stuffed at the moment and I cant afford a
    new cartrige. Miss the old 1210 :(
    If you look at the holes in the ears the bolt is at the outside limit
    and its hitting, so I think that if you do just take some off it will be
    right. Doesnt look too bad tho.
    Richard, Dec 9, 2008
  12. El.chippy

    Richard Guest

    Yeah, they are just batch importers, you get some people that dont seem
    to get that and bid up to stupid prices on things.

    I will say this, the shure sm58 knockoffs they sell are one of the
    better ones I have come across, and if you can get them for $10-12 as I
    did they are great value IMO.
    Richard, Dec 10, 2008
  13. El.chippy

    Squiggle Guest

    Well I finally got a reply to my email this morning, please complete
    attached form and return it with the product to the address on the form
    and we will repair/replace etc.

    Only one slight problem, the email didn't have any attachments. Muppets.
    Squiggle, Dec 10, 2008
  14. Sounds almost like an impedance mismatch.
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Dec 13, 2008
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