19 inch vs 17 inch LCD

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by akiwi, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. akiwi

    Daniel Guest

    My point was LCD's don't seem to perform very well when sampling analog
    signals that exceed 60Hz. From what I've seen, it is generally the
    recommended operating "frequency" (obviously in reference to the
    frequency being generated by the graphics card).

    In fact, the Philips OSD information menu actually recommends that you
    drive the LCD at 60Hz if you run it at 75Hz.

    At work we run our Philips LCDs (we use three different models) at 60Hz
    simply because the image quality is better.

    I don't know LCD mechanics, but, I can only guess that the still
    relatively high latencies in mass market LCD technology performs better
    with lower "refresh" rates.
    Daniel, Mar 12, 2005
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  2. I kind of doubt that. All the 19 inch screens I've read the specs on
    have the same native resolution as all the 17 inch screens - 1280x1024 -
    except for some widescreen models.

    Peter Huebner, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. The Dell 107/108P recommend 85hz, and look remarkably better to my
    untrained eye than at 60hz
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Mar 12, 2005
  4. heh, your right, I thought they were higher than that... although I did
    say "may" :)
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Mar 12, 2005
  5. My point was LCD's don't seem to perform very well when sampling analog
    signals that exceed 60Hz.[/QUOTE]

    LCDs are rated by the speed at which their pixels can switch. Your
    remarks would be true of a 16ms panel, though 12ms and even 8ms panels
    are becoming more common nowadays.
    Lawrence D¹Oliveiro, Mar 12, 2005
  6. You know you've been in hack mode too long when...

    ....you feel the urge to use the traceroute command on a phone number.

    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Mar 12, 2005
  7. akiwi

    bret Guest

    Or find in the newspaper :)
    bret, Mar 13, 2005
  8. I tried it, but it didn't work... PITA.
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Mar 13, 2005
  9. I'm willing to bet there'd be trouble if I changed the rules for the kids
    then issued a kill -HUP order!

    Shane (aka froggy), Mar 13, 2005
  10. akiwi

    Daniel Guest

    Curious. On the Dell NZ website the specs say the 1704FPT 17" UltraSharp
    LCD Monitor has a vertical frequency between 56-76Hz.

    In fact, I couldn't see any Dell LCD" monitor with a vertical refresh
    higher than 76Hz.

    Do you have newer models, or was that just a typo?
    Daniel, Mar 14, 2005
  11. well the one on my desk is set to 85hz, I only know it because thats
    what it says it is. These came in ~6 months ago, and each successive
    shipment of the same model seems to be different, maybe they found a
    cheaper supplier?
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Mar 15, 2005
  12. akiwi

    Richard Guest

    And every time I see that, I question why noone is putting the high res panel
    from a laptop into a case for desktop use...
    Richard, Apr 26, 2005
  13. akiwi

    DoggNZ Guest

    High res yes but only 15" = gay
    DoggNZ, Apr 26, 2005
  14. Gay? Elucidate, please.


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    .... No good deed goes unpunished.
    Nicolaas Hawkins, Apr 26, 2005
  15. akiwi

    Shane Guest

    its an _extremely_ happy wee thing ( although 15 inches isnt wee)
    that and its parents consumed copius amounts of soy milk
    Shane, Apr 26, 2005
  16. ....as I'm sure yours did also.
    That was as untidy and obvious a side-step as I have seen in many a long
    year. Been taking lessons from the calumnious Dunford, have you?
    Nicolaas Hawkins, Apr 26, 2005
  17. because you also have to rip out the LCD driver off the mobo... makes it
    kinda tricky, not impossible, but seriously cost prohibitive.
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Apr 26, 2005
  18. akiwi

    Shane Guest

    er, wanna run that by me again?
    Shane, Apr 26, 2005
  19. No. Education of rustics is not part of my brief.
    Nicolaas Hawkins, Apr 26, 2005
  20. akiwi

    Shane Guest

    fair enough.. but Im guessing you didnt check which author you were
    responding to (hence my confusion)
    Shane, Apr 26, 2005
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