177 releases listed for week 18 (2004-04-26 / 2004-05-02)

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    177 releases listed for week 18 (2004-04-26 / 2004-05-02)

    [Category: Action/Adventure]
    Beau Ideal
    Ghost Mine
    Green Archer #1
    Green Archer #2
    Laughing At Life
    Mummy / The Mummy Returns (2-Pack)
    My Side Of The Mountain
    S.O.S Coast Guard: 12 Chapters
    Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas / Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (Widescreen
    White Warrior
    Zorro Rides Again #1
    Zorro Rides Again #2

    [Category: Animation]
    Popeye (75th Anniversary Collector's Edition)

    [Category: Anime]
    Anime Test Drive (8-Pack Brick)
    Anime Test Drive: Descendants Of Darkness
    Anime Test Drive: Revolutionary Girl Collection
    Anime Test Drive: Slayers
    Arjuna #1-4 (Complete Collection)
    Azumanga Daioh #1 (Box Set)
    Azumanga Daioh #1: Entrance
    Burn Up Excess: 1st Complete Collection
    Happy Lesson #3: Mama Lama Ding Dong
    Harlock Saga (NEW)
    I Dream Of Mimi
    Infinite Ryvius #4: Change Of Command
    Inu Yasha #17: Shattered Memories
    Kaze no Yojimbo #1: A New Face In Town
    Love Doll #2: The Rose Room
    Maetel Legend (Central Park)
    My My Mai (NEW)
    Revolutionary Girl Utena: Rose Collection
    Roujin Z (Central Park)
    Saikano #1: Girlfriend
    Street Fury: Jade
    Superior Defender Gundam Force #3: Heroes United
    Superior Defender Gundam Force #4: Unknown Dangers
    Witch Hunter Robin #4: Fugitive

    [Category: Comedy]
    American Wedding / Animal House: Double Secret Probation Edition (R-Rated
    American Wedding / Animal House: Double Secret Probation Edition (Un-Rated
    Bring It On / Bring It On Again (2-Pack)
    Bruce Almighty / Liar Liar (Widescreen 2-Pack)
    Charlie Chaplin (57-Classics Set)
    Johnny English / Bean (2-Pack)
    Like Father, Like Son
    Love Don't Cost A Thing (Fullscreen)
    Love Don't Cost A Thing (Widescreen)
    Notting Hill / About A Boy (2-Pack)
    Stuck On You (Pan & Scan)
    Stuck On You (Widescreen)
    Vice Versa

    [Category: Comedy/Drama]
    Big Fish (2003)
    Circumstantial Evidence
    Love Actually (Fullscreen)
    Love Actually (Widescreen)

    [Category: Documentary]
    D-Day: The Total Story
    First Year, The
    Ghosts Of The Abyss (2-Disc Special Edition)
    In Search Of The Trojan War (2-Disc Special Edition)
    Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
    National Geographic Beyond The Movie: Troy
    Remember The Alamo
    Spartans, The

    [Category: Drama]
    Alabama Love Story
    All Things Fair
    Apocalypse, The (GoodTimes)
    Blood Gnome
    Boys Of St. Vincent, The
    By Appointment Only
    Cooler, The
    Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street
    Fast Company
    Fast Company (2-Disc Limited Edition)
    Fat Man & Little Boy
    Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion
    First, Last & Deposit
    Helen Of Troy (1956)
    Householder, The
    Last King, The
    Lost, Lonely & Vicious
    Man In The Attic
    Medicine Show (2001)
    Molly MaGuires, The
    Out Of The Ashes (2003)
    Out Of The Wilderness
    Post Concussion
    Rachel Files: Assignment Rio
    Seabiscuit / A Beautiful Mind (Widescreen 2-Pack)
    Shakespeare Wallah
    Statement, The
    Taking Sides
    Torch, The
    Twist & Shout / Zappa: Special Edition

    [Category: Exercise]
    Crunch: Boot Camp Training
    Crunch: Yoga Mama
    How To Live A Long, Sweet Life with Dr. Zorba Paster
    Island Girl Dance: Tahitian Cardio
    Island Girl Dance: Tahitian Dance (2-Pack)
    Island Girl Dance: Tahitian Hip Hop

    [Category: Foreign]
    Las 4 Milpas (The Four Corn Patches)
    Me Cai De La Nube (My Fall From The Cloud)

    [Category: Horror]
    Adam & Evil
    Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (Ryko)
    Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
    Dracula: The Legacy Collection (2-Disc Set)
    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
    Frankenstein: The Legacy Collection (2-Disc Set)
    Hammer Horror Collection (The Curse of Frankenstein/Horror of Dracula/The Mummy)
    Monster Legacy Collections (Gift Set), The
    Nightmares Come At Night
    Taste The Blood Of Dracula
    Urban Ghost Story
    Witchcraft 10: Mistress Of The Craft
    Witchcraft 11: Sisters
    Wolf Man: The Legacy Collection (2-Disc Set)
    Woman Condemned, The

    [Category: Late Night]
    Sexy City Secrets
    Threes Menage A Trois

    [Category: Music]
    Ben Sidran: Live Palais Des Festivals Hall Cannes 1989
    Between Science And Garbage
    Beyonce: LIVE At Wembly
    Billy Cobham: Live Palais Des Festivals Hall Cannes 1989
    Casey Kasem's Rock N Roll Goldmine (Box Set)
    Casey Kasem's Rock N Roll Goldmine: Elvis... The Echo Will Never Die
    Casey Kasem's Rock N Roll Goldmine: The British Invasion
    Casey Kasem's Rock N Roll Goldmine: The San Francisco Sound
    Casey Kasem's Rock N Roll Goldmine: The Soul Years
    Casey Kasems Rock N Roll Goldmine: Sixties
    Chuck Mangione: Live Palais Des Festivals Hall Cannes 1989
    Gun Shot: Reggae Ramm Jamm
    Jane Olivor: Safe Return
    Michael Buble: Come Fly With Me
    Moto GP 2003
    Ozzy Osbourne: Crown Prince Of Darkness (DVD & CD)
    Roland Powell: Dat Boy Funny
    Shades Of Hip Hop: Resurrection
    Steve Kimock: LIVE At The Gothic Theater
    Story Of The Blues: From Blind Melon To B.B. King

    [Category: Mystery/Suspense]
    Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, The (1939)
    Green Eyes
    Green Glove
    Hound Of The Baskervilles, The (1939)
    King Murder
    Midnight Phantom
    Murder At Glen Athol
    Murder By Invitation
    My Little Eye
    Phantom Broadcast, The
    Shadows On The Stairs

    [Category: SciFi]
    Mad Dogs

    [Category: Special Interest]
    And 1: Mix Tour: Streetball (Season #2)
    Animusic: A Computer Animation Video Album
    Avoid Eye Contact: Best Of NYC Independent Animation v.1
    Children's Heroes Of The Bible
    Chronos: Special Edition
    David Copperfield Illusion
    Heritage: Civilization And The Jews (Interactive DVD-ROM)
    Littlest Leaguers: Learn To Play Basketball
    Living Bible Collection , The
    MX World Championship 2003
    On The Scene 3: Drift USA
    Tigrero: A Film That Was Never Made
    WWE: Divas South Of The Border

    [Category: Sports]
    Yankeeography #1

    [Category: Thriller]
    Real Deal, The

    [Category: TV Classics]
    Dick Van Dyke Show: Season #4
    ER: Season #2
    Hunt For Amazing Treasures (4-Disc)
    Kids In The Hall: Complete Season 1
    Midsomer Murders: Box Set #3
    Profiler: Season 3
    Saved By The Bell: 3rd & 4th Season
    Thomas & Sarah (4-Disc)

    [Category: Western]
    Death Rides The Plains
    Gangster's Den
    Painted Hills

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