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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Julie P., Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Julie P.

    geothermal Guest

    Turn off both computers and take out the old hd and put
    it in the new one. Set the old hd as a slave and make sure
    the hd in the new computer is the master. Each hd should
    have a diagram of slave/master settings on it. If not, you
    can look them up on the web with google.com Then when you
    start up the new computer it should show c drive and d
    drive. Then you can copy/paste files over to the c drive.

    Then when you are done, take the old hd out and reset the
    slave/master settings to where they were before and put it
    back in the old computer. Then you have your backup
    computer again.

    Not all of your programs will transfer over very well, but
    some will and your documents will.

    Another option is to buy another cheap used iomega external
    zip drive or internal one and move files back and forth that

    geothermal, Jun 9, 2004
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  2. Julie P.

    -= Hawk =- Guest

    No, she didn't. If she had she'd have boxed, EDUCATIONAL versions of the
    programs which are not to be used once the student graduates. Her
    tuition covered her USE of the software while she attended class it does
    not extend in perpetuity once she leaves school. The school paid the
    license fee for X number of seats for use BY students.
    -= Hawk =-, Jun 9, 2004
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  3. Julie P.

    -= Hawk =- Guest

    Almost none of the programs, more than likely none at all will run if
    transfered from one drive to another. There are shared DLLs, registry
    entries etc. that will NOT be in place and the programs will fail to
    -= Hawk =-, Jun 10, 2004
  4. Julie P. Guest

    did you say software can be bought by endusers?

    oh no no sir.. software is rented, not purchased.
    she has paid for the right to use the software as a student.
    the school has an agreement to purchase an unlimited usage with the software

    stealing software is baaaad!

    just download k-lite and enjoy the free warez the internet has to offer...

, Jun 10, 2004
  5. Julie P. Guest

    blank cd's are about the same cost as blank floppies.
    in with the new, out with the archaic...

, Jun 10, 2004
  6. Julie P.

    Toolman Tim Guest

    So true - especially with the "Wow! I can boot my PC from a CD!" feature now
    included in today's wonderful hardware <g>
    Toolman Tim, Jun 10, 2004
  7. Or *run* it from a CD.

    http://www.knoppix.net/ et al.
    Blinky the Shark, Jun 10, 2004
  8. Julie P.

    Brian Guest

    so true, so true
    Brian, Jun 10, 2004
  9. Julie P.

    mhicaoidh Guest

    Taking a moment's reflection, Julie P. mused:
    | 1) I currently have Office 97 on my old computer. I also have the original
    | CD, manuals, box, and key code from Microsoft for this (I bought it used
    | along with my old computer some years ago). However, I have put the CD and
    | key code in storage, and it's going to be quite some time before I am able
    | to find it amongst all the boxes (I just moved). I have been searching
    | frantically, but this is a big task. Is there a way I can transfer Office
    | 97 (I just need Excel and Word) from one computer to another? The biggest
    | media I have to use are four 100MB zip disks.

    Not without the CD. Since neither your new computer or your old
    computer has a CDROM (CD-R, as you say, unless you merely meant CD-RW), I
    don't understand how you got it installed in the first place.

    | 2) I currently have two FTP software programs on my old PC: Filezilla
    | 1.9.9 and WS-FTP. But I don't have the original installation CD's for
    | these, although I am legally licensed to possess these on my computer. Is
    | there a way to get these over to my new computer? Or, is there a similar,
    | but free, FTP program available? I heard it's possible to use DOS to
    | upload, but I heard it is not as easy as an FTP program, and would prefer
    | not to use that.

    Contact the vendors. Present them with your situation, and your valid

    | 3) I currently have NAV Corporate Edition on my old computer, am legally
    | licensed to possess this. Again, I do not have the install CD. The
    | advantage of Corporate Edition is that it comes with free updates from
    | Norton for life! How do I get this over to my new computer? Right now, I
    | just have the free 90-day trial version of NAV on my new computer. Or, is
    | there a free AV software that is just as good as NAV? I doubt it, but I
    | thought I would ask.

    See above.

    | 4) I have a program called StuffIt Expander by Aladdin on my old computer.
    | Again, I have the legal license, but not the install CD. How do I transfer
    | this, or is there a free, permanent alternative?

    See above. Are you sure your old computer isn't a Mac?

    | 5) How do I transfer my IE6 and Netscape 4.77 and 6.2.3
    | favorites/bookmarks to my new computer?

    Do a Google search. You can export them, save them to a file, and then
    reimport them from within the browsers.

    | 6) How do I transfer my OE6 emails and saved folders to my new computer? I
    | do not even know where they are stored on my computer. And I only have
    | 100MB zip disks to work with. No floppy disk drive or CD-R drive. No
    | DellKey either.

    See above.

    | 7) Is there anything else that I need to transfer that I would not be
    | aware of? This is what I have so far: documents from Excel and Word, HTML
    | documents and Windows Notepad text files and OE6 .eml files; photos;
    | bookmarks; OE6 emails; other files, such as ASCII, that I copied to my
    | computer. I don't have any music or video files.

    Difficult to answer. Probably. Keep your old system around until you
    are sure you have everything off of it.

    | 8) How do I arrange it so that I can network my two computers? One is XP
    | Home, and the other is Windows 98SE. I do have a router, if that will
    | help. And how do I connect my laser printer to my router? It is an HP
    | LaserJet 4P, but I don't think it has an ethernet port.

    That's two questions ... First, put a NIC in each computer, set to the
    router for DHCP, and connect both computers to the router. Activate shares
    (printer and/or folder) on one, or both, computers. You're networked.
    Speaking of the printer. Install it on XP, and share it. Set the W98
    computer to use the shared printer in Word.

    | 9) I am having trouble finding a program called "Hijack This" to
    | download. I have done a google search with no results. Where do I find it?

    Are you sure?




    | 10) I am having trouble unzipping and installing TweakUI on my new
    | computer. I downloaded it, and the WinZip Self-Extractor (whatever that
    | is) says 4 files were unzipped successfully. But the TweakUI icon does
    | not appear in my Control Panel, and when I click on the single icon in
    | the TweakUI folder, it takes me to the WinZip Self Extractor box again!
    | On my old computer, where TweakUI was successfully installed, I had a
    | TweakUI icon in my control panel, and there were four files in the
    | TweakUI folder. So I know something is wrong.

    The WinZip self-extractor only extracts the files in the archive. It
    does not install TweakUI. Did you read the instructions from the page your
    downloaded TweakUI from? Hmm. Don't know what WinZip is, but are familiar
    with Stuff It ... are you sure your old computer isn't a Mac?

    | 11) Is a program called "End-It-All" safe to use? It has all kinds of
    | scary warnings. On my old computer, there were only three processes
    | running in the background: Explorer, VPTray, and SysTray. Now, on my new
    | computer, there are around 20 or 30. This is overwhelming to me. When I
    | run things like Disk Defragmenter or Ad-Aware, I like to shut down all
    | non-essential background processes.

    Don't worry so much, and don't shutdown processes without knowing what
    you are doing.

    | 12) Is there a way to prevent non-essential processes from running in the
    | background? Right now I use "Start" > "Run" > "Msconfig" > "Startup", but
    | I do not know if this will work on my new computer.

    That will work under XP, but not 2000. There is also something called
    Services. But that's a little more advanced.

    | 13) With Windows 98SE, I had to make a special boot-up disk when
    | installing it. How do I do this with XP Home, especially since my new
    | computer does not have a floppy disk drive (XP Home came installed on my
    | computer already from Dell)?

    Dell should have provided you with a Rescue CD.

    | 14) I threw out Eudora, since it was taking up too much space on my old
    | computer. But I think I might have some old emails from that program
    | somewhere. Where do I find these, so I can transfer them?

    Check Eudora's website, or do a Google search.

    | 15) For Usenet, rather than having to set up new accounts on my new
    | computer, and having to download all sorts of newsgroups again, which
    | would take a while, is there a way I can use "IMAP" for Usenet, so I can
    | just enter my user name and password on OE6 and be all set up? This is
    | what I did for my webhosting email accounts. I switched from POP3 to
    | IMAP, and all of a sudden, all of my saved mail folders were on my new
    | computer!


    | 16) For my ISP email accounts (different from my webhosting email accounts
    | above), they do not support IMAP (my ISP is Comcast). So, what do I do if
    | I want to be able to access my emails, as well as all of my saved email
    | folders, from both computers? In other words, if I send an email, I want
    | to be able to go to my "sent mail" folders on both computers and see that
    | same message.

    Not gonna happen.
    mhicaoidh, Jun 10, 2004
  10. Julie P.

    Rifleman Guest

    Mostly - I don't think that the Netscape/Mozilla range of browsers are as
    susceptible to flaws as IE....
    Rifleman, Jun 10, 2004
  11. Julie P.

    Julie P. Guest

    so security flaws are only a Microsoft problem then?
    Julie P., Jun 10, 2004
  12. Julie P.

    Julie P. Guest

    Yep, and bad me for not ordering one! (as well as for not opting for the
    larger 80 GB hard drive and CD-RW drive!)
    Julie P., Jun 10, 2004
  13. Julie P.

    Julie P. Guest

    Thanks geothermal for this tip! I'm kind of hesitant to start poking around
    and pulling stuff, but I guess it's about time that I learn. And actually,
    one problem has been solved already:

    I went to storage yesterday and actually found my Office 97 CD and key, so I
    was able to install it yesterday!

    I actually do have another external Iomega zip drive, but of course, that
    too is lost in storage somewhere. :)
    Julie P., Jun 10, 2004
  14. Julie P.

    Julie P. Guest

    Thanks, I will do a google search for this "k-lite" and see what it has to
    Julie P., Jun 10, 2004
  15. Julie P.

    Julie P. Guest

    but if that is true, then Dell should include CD-RW drives as standard
    equipment on all of its computers, just as airbags are standard on all cars.
    Now I have a computer with no floppy and no CD-RW drives!
    Julie P., Jun 10, 2004
  16. Julie P.

    Rifleman Guest

    You can but internal CDRW drives very cheaply nowadays - just swap them
    Rifleman, Jun 10, 2004
  17. Julie P.

    Julie P. Guest

    my old computer does have a CD-R drive. the problem actually has been solved
    in the meantime: I found the Office 97 CD and key yesterday (finally!)
    Ok, I will try doing this then.
    thank you! I should have thought of that first.
    Thank you. I am going to have to find my router manual first, so I can study
    the settings. I'm not ever sure what DHCP is. :)

    ok, thanks! I did a google search earlier:


    but the first few hits were not relevant, so I gave up.

    no, they make StuffIt Expander for the PC and Linux also:

    Ok, especially on the part about worrying too much! Although I almost
    crashed my old PC when I downloaded IE6. When I restarted as required to
    finish the installation, the computer screen stayed blank, although I could
    hear it running in the background. So I hit "Control + Alt + Delete" and
    found out the IE6 installation program was causing this problem. So I killed
    the processs, and the computer started up then, with IE6 installed!

    ok, I checked. You're right. What got me was I was looking for a diskette,
    like I had with Windows 98SE.

    which really sucks. I don't know why comcast would not want to support IMAP.

    Thanks so much for your detailed reply!

    Julie P., Jun 10, 2004
  18. The Great Cornholio, Jun 10, 2004
  19. Julie P.

    -= Hawk =- Guest

    She doesn't have valid licenses.
    -= Hawk =-, Jun 10, 2004
  20. Julie P.

    -= Hawk =- Guest

    At best they're going to laugh at you.
    -= Hawk =-, Jun 10, 2004
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