1394 LAN, WLAN and LAN queries.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Silvabod, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Silvabod

    Silvabod Guest

    XPhome 32 bit OS, Athlon3400+, Gigabite 64bit board, on-board LAN, USB WLAN
    card, NTL cable modem, wireless router/w 4 ports.

    Original set-up was as single pc, internet direct wired from modem to
    on-borad LAN.
    Installed WLAN network, wired modem to router, inserted USB WLAN card. (2nd
    pc networked to share access via USB WLAN). original on-board LAN cable
    Worked, but occasional "drops", re-sets needed. A pain. Thought it might be
    better to direct wire router port 1 to on-board LAN (removing USB WLAN), -
    it went pear-shaped, no network, no connection to internet - "limited or no
    connectivity" - and it wouldn't "repair" (unable to).

    Trouble-shooting with limited knowledge, found "1394" listed in LAN's,
    managed to get it to work. It says speed is 400Mbs (whereas NTL are
    supplying 1Gbs access speed).
    QUESTION 1/ - what's the best/efficient way to connect (as master pc) to
    utilise the ISP 1Gbs speed (which will be increasing to at least 2 if not
    3Gbs shortly) whilst still retaining a network?
    QUESTION 2/ -1394 gives 400mbs, Wireless gives 54 mbs, the third connection
    says 100mbs - am I not understanding something here - what's the point of
    ISP's giving multi Gbs/sec, when brand-new current kit apparently can't
    handle it?
    Apologise in advance if it's dumb questions! Network/LAN novice, trying to
    take it all in
    "My Network Places" LAN list reads -
    1394 connection - Connected, firewalled - 1394 Net Adapter#2
    Local Area Connection - Connected, firewalled - Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E
    Gigabit Ethernet Controller
    Wireless Network Connection 2 - Connected, firewalled - (ZD1211)IEEE
    80211b+g USB Adapter #2

    The wireless connection icon in system tray reports Signal Excellent, 54Mbps
    Cable (router to LAN card) is connected, router port #1 light lit and
    steady. And, the master USB WLAN card is also in.
    QUESTIONS 3/ and 4/ - WHICH of these 3 LAN connections is actually
    connecting to the internet?. And, I'm confused about which is which - the
    "wireless" icon is obvious, the other 2 LAN tray icons report 100mbs and
    400mbs. But there's only 1 cable from the router to the Marvell LAN card (=
    1 connection, wireless is 2nd), so, where/what is "1394" connection/device,
    and where/how connected? (I googled to find that it's a fast serial device,
    which doesn't excatly help, since I cannot see it - what does it look

    Hope someone has time and patience to explain.
    Silvabod, Nov 1, 2005
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  2. Silvabod

    Tony Guest

    1394 is your firewire socket so you ignore that. The modem should be
    plugged into the router. Make sure that you have set the router up to
    handle the connection to your ISP i.e. don't use the PC to "dial up". If
    you was using your PC for internet sharing you need to delete ICS as the
    router will now handle the sharing. Make sure DHCP is enabled on the
    router. Make sure both PC's are set to receive an IP address automatically.
    Tony, Nov 1, 2005
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  3. Silvabod

    PC Guest


    1394 aka 'firewire' is akin to USB, ie it is a port for connecting digital
    camera's & other peripherals, it is not a networking port, though there may
    be devices that allow file transfer pc to pc. The socket for 1394 looks
    similar to a USB socket but has two corners champhered off. Have you got a
    camera plugged in or another media device? Basically ignore it.

    Of the other two the wired 'Gigabit' connection is going to give you the
    'best' performance & reliability.
    Wireless while 'convenient' is a) slower (54 vs 1000 Mbits/sec) b) subject
    to the vagaries of interference/obstructions/multipath.

    I would 'disable' your wireless connection by removing the USB Wlan hardware
    and removing the drivers for it.

    Then run the Network Setup wizard in the Control Panel.
    It's a while since I used it but choose 'Obtain IP automatically' if you
    have a choice and let the router provide your IP address.
    It will usually set the gateway address at the same time which is probably
    why it's not working at the moment.

    PC, Nov 2, 2005
  4. Silvabod

    Tony Guest

    PS. Your NTL broadband is 1mbps not 1gbps. Only place I know of with 1gb
    broadband is Hong Kong.
    Tony, Nov 2, 2005
  5. Silvabod

    Silvabod Guest

    I got my "Mbs" and "Gb"s mixed up!! (NTL offering 1Mbs, not 1Gbs, got
    confused with their "cap". The questions on speed are therefore garbage.
    Thank God I spotted/corrected it myself, can imagine what some contributors
    would have flamed back with!

    Tony, thanks for the 1394 clarification (firewire).
    I'll cancel/disable that one, the LAN list then makes sense. I have no
    firewire devices.

    Don't understand the dialling advice - it's an always-on Cable modem, as
    stated, dial-up/DUN not involved.

    Still don't know WHICH connection (wireless or on-board LAN) is actually
    connecting, as both report packets sent and received (network is however
    back in service, more by luck than expertise).
    Silvabod, Nov 2, 2005
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