11n networking

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by deKay, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. deKay

    deKay Guest

    I've recently started using my wireless network at home for some quite heavy
    file transfer, and since my WAP is only 11b it isn't exactly quick.

    I want to upgrade, but not to 11g if 11n is just around the corner. Does
    anyone know when the 11n spec is due to be standardised? I see Belkin have
    "pre-n" equipment, but I don't want to move over to that if it isn't going to
    be at least firmware-upgradable to "full-n".

    deKay, Feb 20, 2006
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  2. deKay

    Alex Fraser Guest

    I don't know about the standardisation process, but publication is currently
    predicted for October 2007:
    What alternatives are you considering? (For example: do nothing, upgrade to
    802.11g, upgrade to another vendor's better-than-802.11g products.)

    Alex Fraser, Feb 20, 2006
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  3. deKay

    deKay Guest

    Soni tempori elseu romani yeof helsforo nisson ol sefini ill des Mon, 20 Feb
    2006 16:35:40 -0000, sefini jorgo geanyet des mani yeof do
    Well, I currently have an 11b WAP, an 11b bridge, a 54g laptop, a 54g iPaq and
    a Nintendo DS (11b). The bridge only gets used when I play online with my
    Xbox or PS2.

    It's only really the wireless transfer between the laptop and the wired
    network that I need to improve, so just getting a 54g WAP would probably do me
    for now. I will be getting an Xbox 360 (connected via the bridge) in the
    future so will use that for video streaming and so will need a new bridge

    I was just hoping to get 11n stuff soon rather than get 11g then in three
    months it be out of date. 18 months is a bit far away to wait though...

    deKay, Feb 21, 2006
  4. deKay

    Alex Fraser Guest

    I understand there is a throughput penalty for 'g' devices in a mixed b/g
    network, but I don't know how much or whether it applies at all times,
    whenever 'b' devices are connected to the AP, or only when 'b' devices are
    actually transmitting/receiving (I am pretty sure it is one of the first
    two). If you do get a 'g' AP, this is probably worth investigating.
    Although, given that the DS presumably can't be upgraded (unlike the
    bridge), perhaps it is a moot point.

    I take it that temporarily wiring the laptop to the wired network for the
    heavy transfers is not an option? At 100Mbit/s this would offer 3-4x the
    best speed of 802.11g.

    Alex Fraser, Feb 21, 2006
  5. deKay

    deKay Guest

    Soni tempori elseu romani yeof helsforo nisson ol sefini ill des Tue, 21 Feb
    2006 10:39:04 -0000, sefini jorgo geanyet des mani yeof do
    It generally only applies when you have 11b and 11g devices connected at the
    same time, although some access points now run both speeds together without
    I won't be using the laptop and the DS or bridge at the same time, so it'll be
    either g-only or b-only at any one time.
    Not really. It's mainly streaming video to another room that I need it for.

    deKay, Feb 21, 2006
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