1 Provider with DID number in UK and USA (chicago area)

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by lab, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. lab

    lab Guest


    Fairly new to VOIP using SIP after comming from skype. I had a quick look
    around and ended up signing up to many voip providers (free), but so far i
    havent been able to find one which grants me what skype did, which was 2 (or
    more) DID numbers, 1 in the uk and 1 in the USA, under the same account. I
    purchased a linksys PAP2, and currently have SIPGATE and SIPPHONE(Gizmo)
    accounts connected to it, which i have been testing and have been fairly
    impressed with both, however they dont give me the 2 DID numbers in the
    areas i need.

    If anybody has some good recommendations, for a service which offers good
    quality , the 2 DID numbers in different locations..........and NO monthly
    charge (im willing to pay per year for the DIDs and PAYG for outgoing
    minutes) then could you please let me know, i would be very greatfull

    A second question, is can i somehow link the two accounts together so they
    only use 1 port of the PAP2, or can i somehow forward the incomming calls of
    one of them to the other for free.........but still have the CALLERID parts
    working correctly etc.

    And last but not least, i installed Brekke's ONDO sip server on a colocated
    server i had just to play about with it, and although i could get my phones
    registered and all, i didnt find that much usefull information on what other
    features it can do, im guessing the asterix system is kinda the same, is
    there any way i could use either one of them to link multiple sip accounts
    together to get what i need ? (whilst still providing correct caller
    ID)..........Im prepared to re-set it up back on my colocated server, but im
    not prepared to be running any software or hardware back at home, just the

    Thanx for any information
    lab, Jan 26, 2006
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  2. lab

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Sipgate have numbers in all UK areas. For the USA, I have a number from
    www.ipkall.com which can be forwarded to any SIP account. However they
    only have numbers in the 360 (Washington State) area code, which isn't
    what you want I know, but it is completely free. My friends in the US have
    unlimited national calling so it is effectively free for them to call me,
    even though they're in California and Arizona.

    Ivor Jones, Jan 26, 2006
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  3. lab

    Lansbury Guest

    http://www.iconnecthere.com have both US and UK numbers, but they charge for
    their service and are not cheap. However I did have a cheap as chips service
    which was very unreliable and since being with iconnecthere have had excellent
    service. My usage and requirements are such that it is good value for the
    Lansbury, Jan 27, 2006
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