0845 & 0704 Virtual Phone Numbers

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by txtelcom, Aug 1, 2006.

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    :: 0845 & 0704 Virtual Phone Numbers ::

    TxTelcom 0845 Local Rate Numbers:

    Advertise your 0845 number as your main business number and your
    customers only ever pay the cost of a local call to contact you, no
    matter where they are calling from in the UK. You can redirect the 0845
    number to any existing UK landline number; your office, call centre,
    helpdesk or home number. Advertising an 0845 number gives your business
    a local feel whilst still maintaining a national presence. Your
    customers save a fortune on call costs when they dial your local rate
    0845 number - just 1p per minute offpeak!

    TxTelcom 0704 'Follow-Me' Numbers:

    A 0704 number (aka Follow Me or Personal Number) lets you take complete
    control over your incoming telephone calls. 0704 numbers are more
    expensive to call than 0845's, but offer more features. When someone
    dials your 0704 number, calls can be redirected to up to 3 different
    destination numbers. For example, you can have your 0704 number send
    calls to your home phone first, then if not answered, automatically
    send calls to your mobile phone and ultimately to a third destination
    number if required. A 0704 number will literally 'follow you' and try
    each of your numbers in sequence so you never have to miss a call if
    you are on the move. This also means you can use a single number for
    home, mobile and office - just one number to remember!

    Order your 0845 or 0700 number today at http://www.TxTelcom.com
    txtelcom, Aug 1, 2006
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  2. Thus spaketh :
    01 or 02 numbers, advertise your 01 or 02 number and your customers only
    ever pays a low cost to call, calls to local and national numbers 01 and
    02 cost the same, there is no need for rip-off 0845 numbers, which
    usually cost more to call than a real 01 or 02 number, also people don't
    like calling 0845 numbers, because of the higher cost, and because you
    can't get discounts on dialling those numbers, whereas you can call the
    proper 01 or 02 number for just 3 pence for the entire call, or free
    from within inclusive calls packages.

    0704 are also rip-off numbers, up to 50 pence per minute.

    Don't be fooled!

    For those in the UK and for those outside the UK but calling a UK
    number, avoid if you can calling 0845 or 0870 are they will; be charged
    at a higher-rate than normal geographic numbers.

    www.saynoto0870.com lists alternative (cheaper to call) numbers for
    0845, 0870 etc numbers.
    {{{{{Welcome}}}}}, Aug 2, 2006
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