Xmod International UV Sleeving

Xmod International UV Sleeving

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    You’ve modded your case by adding windows, lights and fans. You have the ultimate system that makes others drool, yet there is something making your “perfect” computer look nauseating... your power supply. Xmod has created a solution to this problem by bringing us their UV Sleeving Kit.



    Contents, features and specifications can be found on Xmod’s website.

    • 10 ft. 1/8" Sleeving
    • 10 ft. 1/4" Sleeving
    • 5 ft. 3/8" Sleeving
    • 5 ft. 1/2" Sleeving
    • 10 Tie Wraps
    • 1 ft. 9mm Heatshrink Tubing
    • 1 ft. 20mm Heatshrink Tubing
    • 6 in. 25mm Heatshrink Tubing

    Packaging and Contents

    Xmod’s UV Sleeving kit arrived tightly packaged. The braiding is spooled and displayed (so you can see the color), while the heatshrink tubing and the tie-wraps are discretely bundled in the middle (away from sight). The package has an easy open plastic cover, with a paper box inside.



    Before you start your installation, you must get this straight first. When working with a 4 pin Molex lead,(this applies to the floppy connector too);
    Yellow = 1, ALWAYS
    Red = 4, ALWAYS
    The original white pieces that came on your PSU (or "Y" adapter, or, etc..) will be numbered at each wire, 1, 2, 3, 4.

    So, given that "1" = Yellow, and "4" = Red, that leaves the two center Black wires (#'s "2" and "3"). To keep these two straight, as I removed them, I marked the #2 wire terminals with a Sharpie marker. Sharpies are fairly resistant to getting smudged or wiped off. Just mark up higher on the terminal, away from where it will connect.

    Removing the terminals require a tool, these can either be purchased in “mod kits” or made out of household items.

    Wrap the ends of the terminals with a bit of tape, so they won't snag as the sleeving works oversthem. To get the sleeving on, push the end of the sleeve against the ends of the terminals, until it expands over them. Then, push it again, so it expands, and let it sort of push itself on a bit further. Visually, it's kind of like an inchworm...the back feet move towards the front, then the front feet move away from the back. It takes a bit of practice and patience to get this motion down.

    When cutting the sleeving to length, the manufacturer recommends using a hot knife, to melt the ends of the strands slightly, to prevent fraying.

    Once the sleeving is in place, cut a short length of heatshrink tubing, and slip it over the end of the sleeving. Using the a lighter or a hairdryer, carefully heat the tubing until it shrinks to hold the wires tightly.

    After you've done the power supply, you'll likely have a bit of material left over, and can do some of the other wires in your case, as well. You can use this on your fans, your Front access USB and speaker leads, and your switch and LED leads.



    Xmod International's Green UV Sleeving Kit was very easy to work with. There is plenty of materials to go around, yet it would be nice to have the necessary tools included with this kit. This product is certainly recommended by VelocityReviews to keep your wires good looking because of the great price of this kit.


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