Titan G3T Notebook Cooling Pad

Titan G3T Notebook Cooling Pad

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    Titan Cooling Devices was established in Taiwan by a group of progressive and experienced engineers in their respective fields. Since their establishment with over 16 years of manufacturing experience with high quality cooling devices for various kinds of PCs, they have successfully gained worldwide recognition for their innovative designs.

    Today we are looking at the G3T Notebook cooling pad.


    The Cooler pad is packaged within a box which is fine for a piece of steel and fans.


    • Outline Dimension: 324.5 x 264 x 27 mm
    • Fan Dimension: 70 x 70 x 15 mm
    • Rated Voltage: 5V DC
    • Power Current: 0.28 A
    • Power Consumption: 1.4 W
    • Rated Speed: 2000 ± 10%RPM
    • Airflow: 33.28 CFM
    • Static Pressure: 1.05 mm H2O
    • Noise Level: < 23.2 dBA
    • No. of Pole: 4 Pole
    • Bearing Type: Sleeve / One Ball / Two Ball / Z -AXIS
    • Life Time: 25,000 / 35,000 / 50,000 / 60,000 Hours
    What’s in the box
    • Titan G3T Notebook Cooler
    • USB to DC Input
    The G3T

    The G3T is a great notebook cooler; it fits all sizes including widescreens.

    The G3T has a special dragon like design on the top of the pad. As well as the holes from two fans. The fans could be replaced but a invertor to 12volt would make the fans work better and cool it faster.

    The cooler itself uses the 5volt channel from the USB adaptor some laptops will only power up to 0.25A where as this laptop cooler requires 0.28 A or 280mA but most USB controllers now days can output 500mA, so its really not an issue unless of course it uses a 12volt invertor.


    Quite simple, sit the notebook on the pad and then plug the USB to DC Adaptor into both parts, turn the laptop on unless its already on. Then flick the power switch on the side of the cooler pad.

    • 45 minute Load, 45 Minute Idle, Taking temperature readings in between
    • A Temperature probe is to be used to take an accurate reading
    • Tested on a Dell Latitude XPi


    The Titan G3T is a nice cooler pad it take the worry out of a melting laptop. Especially if you have an old one like mine which creates so much heat you might as well call it a heater, not that I don’t use it as an heater. There really isn’t much to look at when it comes to this cooler pad, its got a very nice design of a dragon on top and is power edoff a source which is widely available, USB!

    Although I wouldn’t use this pad for a mobile laptop, its good for all those people that work on their laptop at home, or at the office.

    Pros (+):
    • Light weight
    • Powered from USB
    • On/Off switch
    • Dual fans
    Cons (-):
    • Not meant to be mobile
    • No 12 volt power for fans


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