Titan Bianca TWC-A05 Water Cooler

Titan Bianca TWC-A05 Water Cooler

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    Now and then people want to over clock there system, or even just try to get it as cold as possible. People turn to devices or systems which work more efficiently compared to Passive or Air cooling. And to make it harder they want it as silent as possible. That's why companies spend there time to make coolers so efficient they produce great heat movement even at the silenced settings.


    Knowing this is a water cooler, it shouldn't be shaken about, because you might break something, like what happened to me. But because I live in Australia, over seas transport requires Quarantine to go through it, and they seem to have broken the water flow indicator (or just the travel did). Looking at other places for comparison this didn't affect the overall outcome of performance. The water cooler itself is wrapped in a type of foam sheeting, giving it extra protection, and then covered in a plastic box. All the accessories are in a secondary box along side the water cooler.


    • Total Dimensions * 164 x 255 x 67 mm
    • Fan Dimensions * 80 x 80 x 25 mm
    • Rated Current * 0.30A
    • Total Power Consumption * 1.50W
    • Rated Voltage * DC 12V
    • Rated Speed * Min: 1300±10%RPM* Max: 2700±10%RPM
    • Airflow * Min: 15.68CFM* Max: 33.18CFM
    • Noise Level * Min: <21dBA* Max: <26dBA
    • No of Pole * 4 Pole
    • Rotation Direction * Counter-clockwise
    • Bearing Type * Sleeve / One Ball / Two Ball / Z-AXIS
    • Life Time * 25,000 / 35,000 / 50,000 / 60,000 Hours

    What you get

    You get a full accessories box with the water cooler as well. In the Box you have a lot of extras.
    • 4x Water Tubing (one with water flow indicator)
      Freeze proof waterP4 Back Plate and mountLGA775 Back Plate and mountK7 BracketK8 BracketScrews for mountsSpare O RingsSpare Clips and ToolLarge amount of Thermal Paste, Nano BluePower Extension LeadsPCI Back Plate (to run the water cooler and sit it on top of machine)Users Manual
    • Water Block (GPU/CPU, I got the CPU version)




    The Cooler

    Well the cooler is quite neat actually, it has both style and lighting. Which is the key thing to modders and over clockers. But certain aspects aid the Bianca, Some extra features include a water level (with LED back light), water flow indicator, Fan speed adjuster which has a nifty speed LED (changes colour when at high or low), Alarm for both pump/fan and easy to attach tubing. Out of it all the have to admit this cooler is quite fancy too bad my water flow indicator doesn't work. The Radiator is made out of both Copper and Aluminium to keep weight a factor and to keep it cool, The Piping is copper and the fins are Aluminium.

    • External water cooling
    • Nice-looking design
    • Powerful silent cooling performance
    • Available in 2 versions (CPU version and GPU version)
    • CPU version: support for INTEL P3, P4 (socket 478, **775) support for AMD K7, K8 (socket 462, 754/939/940)
    • GPU version: support for ATI and NVIDIA VGA cards
    • Straightforward water fill port with a bright LED
    • Fan speed control function
    • Water flow indicator showing the status of the water ***flow
    • Alarm of pump and fan failure
    • Colour illustrated user manual in 7 languages
    • Competitive price

    The Radiator tends to keep warm when the Fan is kept at Low. This means the performance drop is very dramatic, though not compared to other designs.


    The Water Block

    Well the water block is pretty small and the great thing is it should fit on every motherboard around. It has a very reflective surface for heat transfer. I used it as a quick mirror, just joking.


    The Test Computer
    • A AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 3000+ (Normally Stock HSF)
    • Gigabyte K8N Ultra SLi
    • Mushkin PC-3200 Level II Version 2 CAS 2
    • Gigabyte ATi X600PRO 128mb (Stock Cooling)
    • Single SATA 80gb 7200rpm Hard Drive
    • Standard 450w Power Supply. (Bad voltage on each rail.)
    • Second Redundant Power Supply for Water Cooler
    • Big Red Button (for power)



    This is where the effort starts in a water cooler. it takes around 2-3 days to install. But lets get right to the point. After attaching all the Cables and Tubes (Make sure they are tight, but no need to get a tool to do it) to the right place (according to the instructions). Attach the power from ether a spare PSU or the current one. and let the Water cooler run out of case for 1 day or so, just to make sure you don't get any leaks. To be totally honest Titan did well with the connections, I got no leaks and it took me a few minutes to install for testing, if only they had valves then you could take the Tubing off without leaks, that would be a great design for the next water cooler.

    Now after you have run the test setup its just as easy as installing a Passive or Air Cooler. Remove the old one, get the required plates or bracket and mount. You might have to remove the motherboard for Intel sockets. Then boot it up, make sure again that's there no leaks and be on the lookout if there is. And if there is cut power (to make sure of no accidents) and then check if the connection just needs tighting, if not remove all the water, and cut the tubing back and reconnect it. Its not likely going to happen if your not sure of what to do call or email Titan.



    I decided to do a over clocking session with this cooler as I have never tested a water cooler before. Although I decided to keep the voltage at one setting purely because i don't have a great power supply, so I left it at 1.6, it seemed to change a lot from 1.57 and back up to 1.63 so i would love to get myself a power supply soon. The Abient temp was 17°C and the Idle temps were taken 1 Minute after load test because I didn't have forever, though the first idle and the final 45 minutes after load.

    Testing Procedure:
    • At every stable over clock the machine goes through a 10 minute test to make sure of stability, the Load temperature is taken during this period. After 1 Minute of load the Idle Temp is taken (During winter there's not much difference between 45 minutes and 1 minute), the overall reason is because it would take a few days to get the temperatures in 45 minute idle blocks.
    • Machine is out of case during the test.
    • Nano Blue thermal Paste was used for both Coolers (Titan Gives you tons)
    • Ground/Desk temperature was kept at a constant 17 °C, while Air Temperature was at 16°C. (I don't have a Air Conditioner to get the exact temps)

    Freq (CPU Freq, Multi 9x) Temp Idle ( °C ) Temp Load ( °C ) CPU Mhz
    200 Mhz 21°C 24°C 1800 Mhz
    205 Mhz 21°C 27°C 1852 Mhz
    210 Mhz 23°C 28°C 1895 Mhz
    215 Mhz 25°C 30°C 1937 Mhz
    220 Mhz 25°C 30°C 1981 Mhz
    225 Mhz 25°C 30°C 2025 Mhz
    230 Mhz 26°C 31°C 2070 Mhz
    235 Mhz 26°C 31°C 2117 Mhz
    240 Mhz 26°C 31°C 2162 Mhz
    245 Mhz 27°C 31°C 2208 Mhz
    250 Mhz 27°C 32°C 2256 Mhz
    255 Mhz 28°C 32°C 2298 Mhz
    260 Mhz 28°C 33°C 2347 Mhz
    265 Mhz 29°C 34°C 2308 Mhz
    270 Mhz 30°C 35°C 2430 Mhz

    Blue = Fully Stable
    In Between = Loads but sometimes hangs
    Red = Unstable

    This is a great over clock the only bad thing out of my machine would have to be my power supply... though I would like to get a motherboard which takes the ram past 2.8 volts.


    Well the stats of cooling at around 17°C ambient Temp. All idle temps were taken after load. (Refer to the Testing for the procedure. Except use 45 Minute idle times.) Its hard to test against other coolers if you don't have one on you (water coolers).


    I have to admit water cooling is quite sweet, you get a great improvement compared to Fans, and even the little kits work, but on the bad side water cooling really doesn't affect well on normal temps, it does do well when the CPU should be getting very hot. But for all the people out there think of getting water cooling there is one risk your running, but the chance of it with kits like these is very very low. Unless you don't know how to read a manual.

    This water cooler is a great addition to any one's case, though I will be keeping with Air/Passive for the time being, mainly because I go to like lan's every weekend and hauling something like a water cooler can really add weight, if they made a 1 Kg cooler like this, i would have it in my bag and ready to go.

    Not only does the cooler perform well but its very inexpensive for a normal person. Though its not the best solution to your cooling problems it sure does do the value:money ratio well. There were to improvement's I think Titan could make to this cooler, one would have to be valves for the tubing so you can easily remove it, and the other would have to be so you can mount it in a drive bay. Other than those little things I have to admit this is one great product, that's why I have to give it 10 out of 10.

    The only problem with this Water Cooling kit is its not on the market, I believe it will be soon though.

    • Value for money is good
    • Easy Install
    • No leakage unless installed incorrectly
    • Water level with Back LED
    • Fan Controller
    • Noise Less design
    • Not as heavy as most coolers
    • Style, even though its on the roof of your case
    • May get damaged in shipment (international)
    • Hard to get water out
    • Possibly Could have Valves


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