Thermaltake Muse eSATA

Thermaltake Muse eSATA

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    Thermaltake started in 1999 and produced one of the first Turbine coolers the Golden Orb. Since then they have made cases, power supplies and most of them generating hype from the consumers and press. Though today we have one of their newest products, the Muse eSATA Hard Drive Enclosure. From the name you can basic tell it’s for a SATA HDD.


    Packaging helps keep the product in perfect condition and with this product Thermaltake used the same Foam to surround the Enclosure as they do with cases. Not to mention everything is packed as neatly as a Motherboard Box.


    • P/N: A2319
    • Case Type: 3.5" SATA HDD
    • Weight: 745g
    • Dimension: 219x125x40.5mm
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Interface: SATA to eSATA
    • SATA compatibility: SATA2, SATA1
    • Transfer rate: up to SATA2 300MB/s
    • Compatible System: PC & MAC
    • Accessories: eSATA external cable, Metal foot stand, SATA to eSATA PCI bracket
    As you can see the Enclosure is not just for a PC but can also be used on a MAC which obliviously has SATA.

    What’s is the Box

    • Muse eSATA
    • Manual
    • SATA Cable
    • Power Cable
    • PCI Bracket

    The Muse
    The Muse is quite stylish, though it is quite unless in one way. To use the Muse as a transport device would be completely unless because not everyone has the same PCI Bracket installed and if they do they might not work with each other. Maybe in the future Motherboards will come with External eSATA Connections but I find it hard to believe. SATA was made to replace SCSI, but for some reason SATA is not as widely trusted as SCSI is. SATA was also built to be Hot Swappable which is why you can remove your SATA HDD like a USB Flash Drive. Although the Muse can put it all into an Enclosure, but it really only has one point, to look good and it seems to do it pretty well. There may be some Standard I may have missed or something but I haven’t seen any PCI Brackets that you can purchase that will work with all these drive enclosures.

    The Muse is very suitable for an external HDD or maybe your making a computer and you would like to be able to swap HDD’s quickly, It’s really not to bad of a device.

    The Muse also has a nice little panel meter which can show the HDD usage from the HDD Led Connector on your motherboard. It looks pretty neat and makes a new name for bling bling in HDD’s.


    Installation was pretty easy I though I had to screw something down for a second but realized I just needed to shut the case. When it says screw less it really does mean screw less, unless of course you don’t have screw less PCI Brackets.


    Out of most enclosures I have seen this has to be the easiest to use, easy to mount the HDD and easy to remove it. It is also one of the fastest; using SATA would have to be the second most useful thing. But when it comes to transporting the HDD to a friend’s computer you’re going to have a few problems. Do they have the eSATA PCI Plate? Do they even have SATA? Maybe Thermaltake should offer an eSATA to USB connector.
    Pros (+):
    • SATA
    • Screw less
    • Aluminum
    • Little Panel Meter
    • Power Switch
    • Quickly removable like a USB Drive
    Cons (-):
    • Not everyone has an eSATA PCI Plate
    • The HDD gets quite hot being in the non Active Cooled Enclosure



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