Silverstone Gloria SST-TJ04 Case

Silverstone Gloria SST-TJ04 Case

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    Silverstone is a new company in the computer case arena. But Silverstone is rapidly becoming a well known company based on their great quality products as we have seen with the past two reviews on their Eudemon Fan Controller and their 460 Watt Power Supply.

    Today we will be reviewing the Silverstone Gloria SST-TJ04 Case. The Silverstone Gloria case is made of steel body and an aluminium front panel. The case has many great features like four USB2 ports on the front panel, screw less entry and removable drives.



    Aluminium Front Panel
    0.8 SECC Body


    Motherboard Support
    Standard ATX , Micro ATX

    Drive Bays
    4x 5.25" external drive bays
    2x 3.5" external drive bays
    4x 3.5" internal drive bays

    Cooling System
    Front 120x120x25mm Dual ball Bearing 2000rpm, 21dBA(Intake)

    80x80x25mm (Exhaust)

    Expansion Slots
    7 Slots

    Front I/O
    USB2.0 ports x 4
    1394 Firewire x 1
    Earphone jack x 1
    MIC x 1

    Net Weight

    Gross Weight






    Diamond Edge Cutting on front panel


    Aluminium and Rubber Feet


    The Silverstone Gloria case features an elegant black mirror finish on its steel body, This is one of the best finishes i've ever seen on a case it really looks stunning, But this case will require extra care to prevent from nasty scratches, it also needs a good wipe with a cloth to get rid of finger prints from its beautiful body.

    The case is quite heavy as it is made of steel, not the perfect case to be carrying around to lan parties and such. The case is large for a mid tower 216mm x 446mm x 472mm.

    The Diamond edge cutting and aluminium feet really make this case look great, kind of reminds me of a very high priced amplifier I have seen at a store awhile ago.


    The front panel features 4x USB2 ports, 1x Firewire port and mic + headphone ports on the front of the case. Not many cases have that many ports on the front. These front ports I find myself using all the time on computers when using digital cameras and such. These ports are hidden away with flip-down cover to protect them from dust.


    Power and reset buttons are made of aluminium and are really nice to press and add a luxury feel to the case. Power and HDD LED's are both blue and labeled to indicate which is which.


    One very cool feature of this case is the lockable latch system on the side panel. Flip the latch, pull off the side panel and you have instant access to the internals of the case. The lock is very handy and keeps people from doing "Five Finger Discounts" on your hardware.



    The interior is spacious and easy to work in. I'm sure just about any motherboard you throw at this case will fit. I opted to move the already included 120mm fan to the back of the case and install an 80mm fan at the front for intake. The fan mounts are something i've never seen before, they are 120mm size but have holes for 120mm, 90mm and 80mm fans so you can choose what size you want.


    Silverstone have done a great job with their tool-less drive cages all the bays are fitted with a locking mechanism for the drives. All it takes to install a drive is to slide it in and push the lever to the closed position.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The drive cage for hard drives is removable via two thumbscrews and the drive cage that holds floppy drives is removable with a latch mechanism.

    I was very happy to find that most if not all of the edges inside this case are not sharp! Sharp edges in cases can be very painful when installing your hardware.


    Overall I'm impressed with the case, it was easy to install our test system into and it is a very well made case inside and out. There is certainly alot of eye-candy with its black mirror finish but extra care is needed.
    I really enjoy working inside the case because its so easy with all the latches and mechanisms for removing devices, there is also plenty of room.


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